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Image Name: Scott Kearny

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 180 lbs. (increases when using Valor)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Ethnicity: American, specifically, from Detroit, Michigan

Body Type: slightly athletic build, pretty in shape. Has a youthful and handsome face with a winning smile that makes it easy to open up to him and trust him. He also has very strong legs, good for running and getting close to his opponents.

Personality: Warm and outgoing, Scott finds it easy to make friends. He is brave, strong, kind, and caring, traits that make others gravitate to him and put their hopes in him. Activating Valor boosts these traits of his personality, making him courageous, fiercely determined, and slightly reckless, sometimes. He can sometimes be a bit oblivious to others, but his tenacious good-spirit means that he never loses hope or confidence in himself. Not afraid to think outside the box, he can achieve through brains what he can't by brawn.

Power: Scott has the power of metallization, the ability to coat his right arm in black and gold metal armor. This gives him superhuman strength in that arm and makes breaking almost anything in front of him a breeze. His special technique, the Fist of Valor, puts all of his strength into one punch, causing great destruction to whatever it hits. He can use this technique only three times a day, and if he tries to use it a fourth time, pain shoots through his arm and he can't form Valor, the name for his special arm. His arm can also chip and shatter if it takes enough external damage, leaving him vulnerable to danger. Scott theorizes that Valor can spread to the rest of his body, and is attempting to do that by mastering his power.

History: Scott had a pretty normal childhood growing up in a working class neighborhood of Detroit. When he was fifteen, gang members in a car were doing a drive-by on a rival gang, and innocents could have been caught in the crossfire. A little child was at risk of being killed, and Scott shielded her with his body. Using his arm to try and ward off the bullets, he was surprised when Valor activated and shielded him from the bullets. His heroism had awakened his power, and Scott knew that this meant he had a responsibility to hone his gift and become a hero. After telling his parents about it, they agreed to look into schools specializing in people like him.

It was difficult to track down a real-life Xavier Institute for the Gifted, but they found one in France called the Silhouette Academy. After boarding the flight, he landed there and made his way there. Scott isn't really sure how he'll be able to get along with other superhumans, and he's not sure how others will react to his power. Still, he is an eternal optimist, and hopes for nothing but good things from here on out.

Extras: Scott loves pizza, and could eat it all the time. He also has a weakness for beautiful women, like most men. His outgoing nature means that he is popular with women, but he has been unable to have a serious relationship due to his power, which frightens others. He is hoping that, in a place with others like him, he might find real love and acceptance.

So begins...

Scott Kearny's Story

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Atheya was sitting up in her bed, surrounded by the many pillows she often slept with, her old and recent sketchings scattered along her wall. Beside her on her small dresser, her lamp shone a faint glowing radiance, just enough for her to read her aged and uncared for book that she held gingerly in her hands. She had found it in the library the night before, piled underneath a mound of uniformly old books. She had been searching for a copy of it for quite some time now, but the condition was less than satisfactory. Yet, she couldn’t say she really minded; She found older books that are torn and elderly (to an extent) hold more history, a story untold by the story inside.

The particular book she was reading at the moment was a classic that many knew of, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The whole innocence of the children within the book with the harder more serious whole tone of plot in the book was a balanced she liked, that she would have thought hard for an author to pull off. She really did love the book.

Mumbling under her breath in a soft whisper laced with her English accent, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it,” She closed the wrinkled pages. That was probably the most popular line of the book, well, at least one of the many. It was something that she really agreed with, and understood to a complete detail. She had experienced things from people’s point of view, almost literally going into their skin at times. If that what you could call going into others thoughts and pasts through an invisible mind link between her and others. Yes it is a little hard to understand, but she often just referred to it almost like a wireless telephone. Brain waves bouncing off of others, blah blah blah.

Glancing over to the simple digital clock that rested right beside her lamp, its gleaming red light stated clearly that it was 7:02 in the morning. Removing the big black rimmed reading glasses that started slipping so it rested at just the tip of her nose, she set them down on top of the book. She figured now was probably a better time to get up, rather than when she originally woke at 5:30 after only getting around four hours of decent sleep. Being as her brain was always almost ticking and processing, she had a bit of insomnia. And by a bit, it was actually quite bad.

Swinging her legs over the side of her double bed the institute so generously gave instead of tiny twin ones, she hopped down, but tripped a bit over one of her acoustic guitars she had haphazardly left sitting on the floor. Doing a slight somersault so she didn’t just fall over, she sat up, and clutched the dark wood guitar in her grasp, saying “I’m sorry, Watson!” still in a quiet tone. She had a name for every one of her guitars, and would argue with anyone who doubted her theory that each of her guitars had certain personalities and souls. But that thought aside, she got up and put him on the stand with the others she had.

Rummaging through her drawers, she pulled out a make shift outfit for herself, a more lazy one considering it was a Sunday. Throwing it on quickly, she finished it off by slipping her phone in her pocket, and clasping on the oval locket she had worn every day since she was ten years old. Inside it held two pictures, one of her mother, and one of her Father. They had died and this was the only thing she really had left to remember about them. She still laughs at the slight irony of them both being Neurologists.

Slipping out of the room, she walked down the stone hallways, glancing outside the faintly fogged up windows as she continued down the long corridor of the girl’s dorm rooms. Making her way along the long stair way down to the main floor, she went into the large kitchen that all the students shared together. There weren’t many students at the school, only about thirty or so. The kitchen was a large enough space for everyone, so it really didn’t matter much. Opening one of the fridge’s, she noticed it was lacking some milk, one thing that really went fast in the institute. Opening up the other two, she found the same thing. Not only that but It seemed there was no more coffee left either when she went to go check for her “spirit” that she called it; a frightening thing really. It looked like she was going to have to go out and get some, hopefully before all the late bloomers of student woke up and grunted angrily and slurred unrecognizable words, glaring with their tired eyes. It had happened before and she could have sworn it was the bloody zombie apocalypse.

The good thing about this was that as one of the very few Superlative students, Atheya could actually go out into the city without having to have someone like a teacher or another student accompany her. One of the actual few rules in the Silhouette Institute was that a student of Medial or New Blood rank must, with no exception, be accompanied by a teacher or a superlative student like herself. When she first got to the school, actually only around a year back, she was infuriated at that rule. Her young rebellious nature seemed destroyed by that, but alas, she always found a way to sneak out. She had been a traveler before then, so staying in one place within walls was suffocating. She had grown a lot since that point. Now she was actually kind, and a little more laid back. Laughing and smiling, something that was very hard for her to actually do for a very long while.

“I guess I better go out then." She stated out loud to herself. Going out to get the food was a task that Superlative students where usually stuck with by the lazy teachers. She didn’t mind going alone, but it wasn’t the most fun thing to do. Yet again, neither was dealing with caffineless students

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Listen Mom, all I'm saying is, maybe it's best if you try talking to Dad again? It's been so long since you both have made any kind of contact with each other and yet we both know that you miss that old idiot. I know what he did was wrong, but heck that doesn't justify you almost causing severe storms over the roof of our house. He's only human. What are you going to expect from a typical person? Our powers intimidate them, look over the news, the internet- heck it's all over the media, and whether it may be positive or negative, the fact is that it's still two sides of the same coin. No matter if we save them over and over, would you really consider that being accepted among them when we're going to be forever classified as 'heroes'?

Now don't get all angry at me, because in all honesty, I don't think I can handle another 6 pages of continuous ranting from you again. Just consider where I'm coming from alright? And please...Check on Dad for me- you two need to talk. I love you.


Xavier was sat on the edge of his bed, which was big enough to fit two of him inside it and still have quite a bit of space to spread their legs, staring at the screen of his laptop. A tint of light blue projected dimly out of the laptop, giving his face a blue hue, as he tapped away at the keyboard- rereading and improving the next post that he was about to send to his Mother. The rays of the sun had slipped in between the slight gap that the curtains had failed to cover, beaming directly into the laptop screen. It was morning already? He looked behind him to glance at the blue striped curtains, noticing the constant melodies that nearby birds were performing.

"Just how long was I up for?" He questioned himself quietly, respecting the presence of his roomie, Scott. It was his first year at the institution, and yet despite that, Xavier had considered him one he could truly call a friend. He looked over to his side of the room, noting how much cleaner it seemed than his side. They hadn't known each other long, but straight from their first introduction, Scott appeared to be pretty determined to improve, a trait that Xavier respected deeply. He seemed different from most, especially with that power of his, and while others may mock him for his abilities, Xavier was fascinated by it.

You were up all night. His laptop 'spoke' to him with a rich feminine voice, a voice that only he could hear. Going by your History and the pages you went on, it would seem you consumed most of that time analyzing leggings.
Xavier choked on his own saliva.
"Can you not?" He replied silently, rolling his eyes in slight disgust as he realized what a pervert he was.
I wonder what Adelina would think if she were to find ou-
"Laptop, shut down." He grunted as the blue hue had now faded as he closed his laptop shut.

Arising from his post from the end of his bed, Xavier walked over to the windows, pulling away at the curtains giving the sun full access to the room, brightening it up dramatically. His eyes seemed to sting as the rays overpowered the heaviness of his eyelids, retreating like some kind of vampire.

After swiftly performing his morning rituals (resulting in him shocking himself whilst taking a shower), Xavier returned to the edge of his bed, putting on his well treasured jacket, completing his casual look for the day. He looked over at Scott once again, who appeared to be asleep. Xavier did enjoy having a laugh once in a while so he decided to wake him up. Drawing one of his pillows from his bed, Xavier threw one directly at Scott, which landed onto him.
"Oi Scotty, get up you lazy shit! You want a coffee? I'm going to grab one before all the milk is gone!" He exclaimed in a playful manner as he headed for the door. "You know what, I'll make you one, meet you soon alright...And make sure you have a shower, you stink." The door shut behind him, masking his faint laughter.

As he stepped out onto the hallway, he couldn't help but notice how long the corridors seemed, the silence of the early morning only added to the feeling that he was small compared to the hallway. You would think that after attending the institution for over a year he would've grown used to it by now, but that wasn't the case, as it still seemed as intimidating as it once seemed all those days ago when he first arrived at the place. Zombie-like, Xavier made his way towards the large kitchen, heading straight for the fridge to retrieve some milk - a vital ingredient which was needed to make the perfect morning coffee.

But there was a problem.

One of the fridge doors were left open, which raised curiosity for Xavier as he glanced inside it. Someone had beat him to it.
"You've got to be kidding me.." He moaned, closing the fridge door in slight frustration. "It's alright, keep calm. It's cool. I'll just settle for some black coffee, that'll get me going." Reassuring himself as he ventured over to the coffee jar, only to be slapped hard with the reality that not once piece of evidence was left to be seen. There was no coffee.

Xavier sighed as annoyance was building. I really hate sundays.

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"Jeez, I bet Zac was responsible for topping up the food supplies, that lazy ass good for nothing. How'd a slacker like him become a Superlative..." Xavier was mumbling now, becoming slightly annoyed at the fact that Zac had made it so far and showed no effort at all. "What even is his power anywa-."
"Hey, Xavier. looking for something?" A soft energetic voice called out to him, startling Xavier as his reactions had now gotten the better of him, forcing him into the cabinet. He could feel his forehead swell with slight pain as she questioned, her distinctive voice carried a tone which signalled that she wasn't expecting an answer from it, if Xavier had known he would've assumed that she had startled him for no reason. But the fact was, Xavier and Adelina had a bit of history behind them, managing a friendship for a whole two years before attending the Institution. Their personalities contrasted in a way, whereas Xavier was willing to push himself, Adelina was very cautious- he never blamed her though, her abilities were frightening to say the least. He turned to her and smiled, noticing two other students wonder into the kitchen.

Despite the heaviness Xavier's eyes was putting up with, he watched Stephanos pull a can of pineapples from the empty fridge and took his usual place at the table. Alone. He was such a simpleton, making everything seem so easy yet still not giving a damn about what others thought. He was strong, and that you could tell just by his body language.
"Nice! I bet that one hurt. It sounded like it anyway. What are you up to tonight? Wanna hang?" Adelina's voice rung once more, pulling Xavier from his observance.

His lips trembled a little, the lack of sleep heavily effected his co-operation as he tried to find words to answer her.
"Erm.. Yeah sure, but I've got studying to do later, gotta' make up for not doing anything for the past few days you know?" He paused, looking over at Stephanos once more.
"Say Adelina, how come he's always sitting on his own?" He pointed at the male in a non-obvious way, reducing his voice to a slight whisper before glancing back at the coffee jar. His eyes were really weighing down him now.

"Looks like someone wiped out the coffee before we got here, Greased Lightning..."
Xavier had now developed an unamused smile as he turned to face Scottie. Greased Llightning..Damn how does he come up with these nicknames. He thought, laughing slightly at his creativity.
"Hey don't start mocking me! Be grateful that I didn't throw my laptop at you this morning, do you have any idea how loud you snore?" He responded, punching his arm lightly.
"We should find some other people and hang out. I haven't gotten to talk to one girl since I got here, and that's just wrong, man." Scottie was now enjoying his replacement for the coffee that Xavier had promised him, if only he had liked Iced Tea then maybe Xavier would've been a little less edgy. Nonetheless, he couldn't help but agree.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't know, Steph seems like he could use someone to talk to- and that newbie over there, I don't think I've met her before." He paused as a smile had now formed. He enjoyed making new friends, if anything, friendship is what keeps him smiling. He knew what it was like to feel like to be alone, being the only 'mutant' amongst humans, despite his efforts to fit in, nothing seemed to work for him. But this was France not England. He was in Silhouette Institution, no longer labelled as a freak. And yet, despite all being similar, there still hung a sense of awkwardness.
"Wait a sec.." He looked at Scottie then back at Adelina. "Have you two never met before? I swear I've introduced you guys to each other." He sighed, walking over to a spare seat which was next to Steph. Figuring that it would be best if everyone sat around the same table to allow easy conversation, Xavier looked down at Steph.

"Mind if I sit here, Steph?" Perhaps Xavier didn't know him well enough to call him by his nickname, but he had heard a few people call him that a little while back, maybe he could get on his good side by addressing him in this way.

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Adelina nodded to Xavier's plans to kick it later. She wasn't sure on what to do though. Adelina wasn't much of a planner herself so she figured they would just wing it. She then noticed his interest in Stephanos, as he kept looking over at his table. She too wondered why he would sit all by himself all the time. It wasn't like that before this year actually. Adelina and Stephanos came to this institution in the same year as New bloods. She remembers how loud he used to be, and now you would think she would be a completely different person she was thinking of. "Hey Xavier, I think it's of what happened last year," She began saying. "Do you remember the big explosion that took place in the north wing? Yeah that was Stephanos' buddies that did that," She continued. "That's why we had that week long break in the middle of the year. Boy did that feel good. And apparently His buddies were responsible for all the damage they caused. The school got it under control obviously, but from what I heard it was an attempt to break free." She finished with that. Adelina watched Xavier's face change from surprised, to amazed to worried back again.

"But you didn't hear it from me okay? Just between us two". She said, until she noticed a guy was right next to her. She turned to look at him, eyeing him. "How much of that did you hear?" She asked in a bit of a threatening tone. "Alright listen, you don't tell anyone that, and we won't have a problem okay?" She threatened him, and with that he nodded. Adelina went back to look at Xavier. as he now had another person in sight. Jane? She thought as she continued to look. I think that was her roommate this year. She wasn't sure, since they would always wake up and sleep at different times. Of course Xavier was back to looking at Stephanos. "Dude stop staring, he's going to notice and think the wrong idea." She warned him. That didn't work though, instead the opposite happened as he began to approach him. He asked for a seat, and called him by his nickname which was probably a bad idea. She was cautious sitting down on the other side waiting to see what would happen.

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Olivia stirred in bed as the a loud hollow thump invaded the silence. She opened one eye, and deciding not to investigate the noise, she fell back asleep. The next time she woke up, it was to the annoying blare of her alarm clock. Lazily reaching out from her the covers, she pawed around her nightstand until her fingers met her clock, and she turned the alarm off. She sat up in bed as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She looked around for a moment, wondering where Atheya was. She must've woken up earlier than her and left.

Olivia scurried to the bathroom, determined to finish her morning routine as fast as possible so she could get food downstairs before it was gone. She brushed her teeth and took a hot shower. Leaving the bathroom, she quickly picked out clothes, not really caring what they were, as long as they natch or looked neat enough. After she put her outfit on, she grabbed her phone and was about to leave. Her eyes noticed the note on the door just as she was about to open it.

Morning! There’s not a lot of supplies in the kitchen, I’ve run out to grab some though

- Atheya

Olivia smiled at the beautiful signature at the bottom before hurried downstairs. She passed through many stone hallways, and down a main stairwell before arriving at the kitchen. There were already many people there, all crowded around the island. It looks like she woke up a little late... Again. She spotted Atheya amidst the people near the island. Guess she hasn't left yet. Olivia made her way to the island. "Morning!" she said brightly. She noticed everyone writing on a piece of paper; it looked to be a grocery list."Pass me the list please?" she asked, and waited till the list got to her. she quickly scribbled down what she wanted, and passed the paper to someone else. Olivia was about to ask Atheya if she could join her, but noticed a lot of people wanting to accompany her, so she changed her mind. It would be a stupid for so many of them to go. She'll just wait for them to get back with the food.

In the meantime, Olivia still needed something to eat. She opened and closed a bunch of cupboards before finding a broken poptart in the corner of one. "Still looks good enough to eat," she thought with a shrug. She nibbled on the poptart as she leaned against the island, passively watching as the others talked and went about their business.

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“Bobby,” She said, rolling her eyes with a slight laugh, trying to snatch the list back from his grip. “I never get what you want because half the things you say are daft! You can’t just buy Monkeys eye balls at the market. Or anywhere, at that.” She chuckled. “But yeah, come along.” She yawned. I really am tired. She thought to herself for a second, glancing over just as one of the newest New bloods left. She believed his name was Scott.

Glancing down a bit at the smaller girl, she gave a kind smile. “Of course you can come Lace. I would appreciate it actually, not leaving me alone with your roommate.” She chuckled. Lacy was one of the only Medial students she knew a bit about. She was sort of shy and timid, but it made sense with her. Atheya though thought she was kind, and really enjoyed being in the girls company. Atheya wasn’t one for overly loud people anyways.

Glancing over to see who had the list, it was quickly handed back to her by an unfamiliar face. A new blood, most likely. Glancing down to what he had written, she gave a bit of a confused glance at the number at the bottom, but glanced back up as Zac handed her the money. “Nope!” She said, walking over to him and giving it back, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for it. I probably will owe you someday for something anyways.” She laughed, looking over at Olivia, and saying almost frantically, “Oh! Sorry If I woke you, I tripped over Watson, I tried to be qui-“

'Oh this god damn bastard new blood, what does he think he’s doing here.'

“Well that was an angry thought.” She mumbled, a serious tone brushing her very hushed voice as she talked to herself. “Excuse me for a second,” She said to the two, walking passed Flynn. She backed up quickly and handed him the list, saying quickly, “Hold on to this for me please,” Before running off.

Sometimes it was impossible not to hear thoughts of some people, no matter how hard she tried. It was also like another side effect. She couldn’t help but hear overly angry thoughts, thoughts filled with so much emotion. Rage was the worst. It really got to her head.

'He’s got no idea what he’s in for, my little brother will just kick his ass. He’s a nobody, so nobody will care how hurt he gets.'

“I know that voice.” She sighed, as she continued to her way to the battle ground on the school. It was a Superlative kid. She remembered him from last year when she herself had only been a New Blood. It was maybe her fourth day there. She was lost down one of the corridors, her stubborn side refusing to give in and ask anyone where she was. That when she was shoved against the wall by that very student. He was a medial at that point. She swore at him, still being her rebellious little self at that point in time, but he just shoved her against the wall, calling her stupid little new blood, who ”can’t do anything but diddle in some ones head” She still remembers the look of shock in his face when she actually became a Superlative student before him. He was really quite new to the rank.

Making her way in sights of the field, she stayed back, just letting the scene play out. It was actually quite impressive, on Scott’s side that is. Glancing over after it was done as the fatigued boy walked away. She groaned as she looked at the Superlative student and his brother, “Shell-shock.”

“Guys, really?She said, an unamused tone lacing her words as she walked up to them. “You both know for a fact New Bloods are allowed anywhere, this is a place of acceptance. This is a place we come to feel accepted because society thinks of us as mutants. If you are as to be immature as to rank yourself higher than others due to these ranks we are given, then you yourself are ranked lower as a person. You shouldn’t need to hold respect for a person that you know not to be weak. You should hold respect for everyone here. especially if you’re a Superlative. It’s petty, and sad.”

The one thing Atheya hated most about this Institute, in itself, was the people who bullied. She thought it was the most ironically hypocritical thing she had seen. They themselves had probably come to the Institute to be accepted, and there they don’t accept others.

“And you know that yes, we either need a teacher or Superlative to ref a fight, but that’s only for training or classes. Not whatever the hell you all were doing here.” She pointed out. “And Shell-Shock,” She said, eye brow raised as she turned to look at the Medial. “They call you that because you sat and played Call of Duty for twenty four hours straight and started screaming because it frightened you.” With that, she went and turned away, walking back in doors.

Walking back into the kitchen, she saw Mike, just as he was leaving. She ignored it and went to grab a glass of water, leaving before trailing up to the boys dorm wing, easily finding the slow and Sluggish Scott. “Oy!” She called over, rushing a bit and grabbing his arm, putting it around her shoulder to support him, not wanting the kid to fall. “Drink the water, it’ll help with energy.” Keeping him balanced as he continued walking to his room, she stopped as she saw the door, with a sign reading “Xavier and Scott.” Moving away from him, she felt confident enough he would balance himself and not fall over as soon as he entered his room. “By the way, haven’t seen a power like yours quite yet; pretty sure no one will try to fight with you soon. But, you should work on bumping up your energy. Tips from someone who’s looked up all of them, drink lots of water, do yoga or something, stay active. Lying around is probably the worst thing you could possibly do.” She stated with a smile. “I’m Atheya by the way, but I have to get going, but yeah. Drink water.” She laughed a bit, as she turned around and made her way down the hall, and back into the kitchen where she always seemed to end up.

“To the car.” She said to those of which who were coming with her to the market. She tried to sound enthusiastic, and it came out that way, but with a tad hint of tiredness playing in her voice. She turned away and out the front of the door.

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Olivia looked up as Atheya smiled at her, and started to say something hurriedly. “Oh! Sorry If I woke you, I tripped over Watson, I tried to be qui-“ Olivia chuckled mid sentence, shaking her head slightly. Between her guitar and Atheya's guitars, there were a lot of them in their room, and knocking one over was bound to happen once in awhile. She also tried to remember which of Atheya's guitars was Watson. She was about to reply by saying it's fine, it didn't disturb her. But, Atheya cut her sentence short and paused. "Hm, must be catching something on her mental radio," she thought. As Atheya slipped the list to Flynn and hurried out, Olivia's eyes trailed curiously after her. "I wonder what it was she heard."

Olivia was pulled out of her thoughts as a voice chimed in with an inquiry. "Is this seat taken?" she smiled at Zac and shook her head. "Of course not." She sidled over a bit to give him more room. She finished the remainder if her poptart and dusted a few crumbs off her fingers. Just then, she felt the island she was leaning on vibrating, and the ground beneath her started shaking. She glanced at Zac, alarmed for a moment. "Do you feel that?"

At first, she thought it could've been an earthquake, but quickly dismissed the idea. It was much more likely that a student caused this. Everyone had a variety of powers, so there were a lot of different things that could happen. The plates and cups clinked lightly as they shook. Then, after a few minutes, it stopped, and everything was still again. Soon after, Atheya walked back in and commanded everyone to the car.

"Well, that was interesting... What do you think that was?" After a pause, she quickly diverted her attention back from the curious incident to Zac. "So, do you have anything have anything exiting planned for today?" she asked, tilting her head.

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Answering Zac's silly question, after all there were no chairs in the immediate vicinity, Olivia smiled at Zac and shook her head. "Of course not." She sidled over a bit to give him more room. Smiling widely, Zac approached the counter. He turned around so as to face away from the counter, and placed his hands at his sides, palms resting on the countertops. Pushing himself up, Zac maneuvered himself to sit on the edge, feet dangling below him. A she finished the remainder of her poptart breakfast, there passed between them a few lax moments of silence. Zac said nothing, for it was quite rude to offer conversation to someone who was unable to reply. The silence wasn't uncomfortable, far from it, it was nice to simply sit and observe, taking in the ambience of the room. Once Olivia had finished her breakfast, Zac turned to face her, so as to offer some form of small talk. However, before Zac could say anything, the island began to vibrate, and the ground shook. There was the sound of an explosion, but muffled, as if it were behind a few doors and around a few hallways. Olivia glanced at Zac, alarmed for a moment. "Do you feel that?" Zac nodded solemnly. "Mhmm, sounds like trouble," he replied.

Zac immediately dismissed the idea of an earthquake or other natural disaster. It was a beautiful day outside, they were on no known fault lines, and the school was much too far away from the ocean. It was much more likely that a student caused this. Everyone had a variety of powers, so there were a lot of different things that could happen, further, it was a Sunday, someone was probably restless. The plates and cups clinked lightly, the chairs and other furniture shook, dust fell from the ceiling as it shook itself off the rafters, but the school remained intact. For a kid, it was pretty impressive, but Zac just shook his head. He chuckled to himself adding softly under his breath, "If we were playing the 'let's smash up the school game,' I would have won a while ago." Then, after a few minutes, it stopped, and everything was still again. Soon after, Atheya walked back in and commanded everyone to the car. For those on their way into town, it was time to go.

Catching Zac's attention, Olivia spoke up. "Well, that was interesting... What do you think that was?" After a pause, she quickly diverted her attention back from the curious incident to Zac. Smiling, and laughing softly to himself, Zac replied, "Probably just a couple of kiddies playing around with their powers, lazy Sundays generally make kids here sleepy or restless. My guess is it's a competition of some sorts, friendly or otherwise." Apparently Olivia had already drawn her own conclusions, or simply didn't care about it anymore, because she changed the subject. "So, do you have anything have anything exciting planned for today?" she asked, tilting her head.

Zac smiled. Hamming it up, and acting quite silly, he replied. "Well, I had some big important superlative duties to take care of, but if a pretty girl like you needed my help with something, such as practice, homework, or the like, I bet I could get out of it." He laughed, the joke wasn't a good one, but it was more of a way to let her know he wasn't at all being serious. "Just kidding, who'd assign me to anything important? I've finished my homework already, so it looks like today is just a good day to relax. I might take a nap later, maybe have an enthusiastic walk about campus, I'm not yet entirely sure myself. However, I do believe that's quite enough about boring old me, what about you? Any plans, activities, errands? Perhaps you've an appointment with some other dashing young man? I'll try not to be jealous." Zac finished with a playful smirk. He liked Olivia, she was smart, funny, and being good friends/roommates with Atheya was more than enough reason to earn his respect.

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"Adelina!" Xavier turned around to face her quickly, he reached for her hand as she seemed pretty annoyed at him. "I apologise for not meeting you, I got distracted by this wish list!" He stuttered a little as he noticed he was holding her hand. In an act of slight embarrassment, Xavier chuckled to himself as he released her hand, shuffling about rather awkwardly before gathing himself together again.

"I've just remembered that I've got a project to finish, I promise, We'll hang out soon okay?" He smiled reluctantly. He hated letting people down, especially his best friend. She had always been there for him when he needed her and he had a lot to thank her for. Despite this only being a little issue, it would still have quite an impact on their friendship, they never missed out on hanging together on Sunday's, it was their thing. But nevertheless, he had let her down.

He left the kitchen in a hurry, trying his best not to remember what had just happened. He made his way towards his dorm room, resting on the door as it eased shut. He inhaled deeply, then exhaled.
"Okay Laptop, let's get to work."
His laptop slowly opened by itself, the blue hue escaping it's screen once more as it yawned a greeting.
"Back so soon? What's the matter with you? You look awful.
"Don't worry about it, let's just get this project done shall we? I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a busy day."

He looked over at Scott's side of the room, he was slouched under the sheets as he seemed worn out from doing something, perhaps he had another training session, he was always pushing himself. Xavier lowered his voice, as he worked away in silence. Before long it was dark, Scott never bothered him as he was respectful at the fact that Xavier was busy working.
Xavier figured that he should get some sleep too, shutting his laptop after saving his project. He released a quiet yawn before entering the bed.

"Good night Scotty." He knew that Scott was asleep, but he always wished him a good night regardless. Before he knew it, Xavier was asleep also.

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"I'll see you later, Zavi. Try not to have too much fun without me."

Xavier glanced at Scotty from the corner of his eye as he gathered his books required for his lessons, he then looked back at the blue hue of his laptop, continuing typing away at the keys. "Ah yeah, you've got Mr Wilson right? Good luck with him!" He chuckled as the door slammed behind Scotty, leaving Xavier alone in the room.

"Man he takes long showers." He grunted, before performing the regular morning schedule, using little hot water as possible. He then packed his laptop and needed books into his bag and zipped it up tightly, causing it to bulge slightly. Before heading out, Xavier needed to recharge. Two nights straight with the lack of sleep wouldn't do anyone any good, especially when he's expected to learn. He had been told multiple times by the Superlatives and Teachers that recharging from sockets was forbidden, since it could cause many problems.

But Xavier was feeling greedy.

He figured that a simple 'snack' wouldn't hurt anyone, especially since the sun was particularly bright, there would be no need to worry about a blackout. Placing his hand over the socket, Xavier closed his eyes as static gathered around his body, causing statical sounds to echo out from his dorm room. By now, electricity was being fed out by Xavier's hand, as he began to feast off of the power source.

To anyone, doing such a thing would cause considerable amount of pain, but for Xavier, the moment was bliss. He released slight groans of pleasure and relief (worrying for anyone who would be unfortunate to listen in) as his eyes opened, illuminating a dim blue hue from his sclera. After a few more seconds, Xavier removed his hand, allowing sparks to fly from his palm before closing it tightly.
"I hope I didn't get too carried away." He muttered to himself, grasping his bag and throwing it over his shoulder as he headed for the door. Being a Medial, his following lessons were pretty intense, stepping up from the requirements expected from a New Blood, living life as a Medial was no easy task, especially when you had Power Control lessons first thing in the morning.

He dashed down the hallway, eager to meet Adelina before having to concentrate in class.