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After the most famous heroes in existence go missing, evil rears its ugly head yet again. Can they be stopped without the great powers of "Galactic Aeon" Ash "Silver" Gibbs?

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Character Portrait: Amy 'Rose' Gibbs

Member of the Silverose Detective Agency

Character Portrait: Gabriel Daniels

Gabriel is a 38 year-old professional racer in the illegal combat racing sport 'Crimson Sky'. She lives for the thrill, and she will not let anyone take her life from her. She also works for Humans First

Character Portrait: Elsa Mayer

Nicholas Taylor's assistant. She handles most of the documentation required of Nick's line of work and also acts as security on the very rare occasion that it is acquired.

Character Portrait: Nicholas Taylor

One of the greatest engineers that works for the Solar Alliance. He develops the CHEsuits that are used to oppose Humans First.

Character Portrait: Johana "Joey" Cross

Bar Tender, Card Dealer, Undercover Security Officer, and Emergency Lounge Singer, Joey is employed by Lux Beta Pleasure Cruises

Character Portrait: Gabriel "Zero" Angel

An arrogant mercenary on the hunt for Ash "Silver" Gibbs

Character Portrait: Atlis Enless

Infamous Bounty Hunter seeking to discover his past 5 years

Character Portrait: Teisha

A quiet Beast and member of the Wayfarers

Character Portrait: Sentinel-9

Royal Guard gone Mercenary.

Character Portrait: A.U.G.E.R

Current Leader of REAP

Character Portrait: Kofleur

M-Photon wielding Wayfarer member

Character Portrait: Sacura Abyra

A half-beast who is part of the Wayfarers

Character Portrait: Laryn

Leader of the Wayfarers