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Name: Amalia Devereaux

Sin or Virtue: Virtue

Age: 19

Orientation: Straight

Description: Being faith, she remains ever loyal and confidant in others, as well as her own, abilities.

Power: Power of giving other's faith and confidence in themselves as well as manipulating the light surrounding her to create objects or weapons for her to use. If there is no light some will come from the purple pendant at her throat for her to harness.

Full power form: No obvious changes come to her body except for her increase in speed as well as power.

History: As a human, Amalia was always so trusting and loyal to everyone she cared for, often not thinking about herself but only for others. Because of this she had many friends, many people that depended on her which she truly didn't mind. She rather enjoyed helping others and made sure to do so as much as possible. She had complete faith in everyone until the very end.

Personality: She is an intelligent young woman who treasures sincerity and honesty. She is the type to take a person's word for something and not ask questions, trusting they won't lie. She is compassionate, sensitive and thoughtful. Although she occasionally has her moments of impatience, she is usually respectful and courteous of others.

  • The colours red and purple.
  • Flattering clothing.
  • Lolita dresses.
  • Jewellery.
  • Ribbons.
  • Tea.

  • People who think they're superior.
  • Fighting.
  • Blood.

Other: She appears to be a bit younger than her age.


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