Rosalie Ranger

I'm more than just 'beautiful' as you label me

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a character in “Sin or Virtue?”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Rosalie Ranger

Sin or virtue: Sin - Lust

Age: 20

Orientation: Bisexual - She's lust lol


ImageDiscription: As she is lust, she is highly beautiful so much so any man or woman for fall for her if she offered her hand to them.

1.Power to intoxicate people with lustful feelings towards her to the point that they do what she tells them, such as informing her of a secret or laying down their life for her depending on how strongly she makes them attracted to her, it sometimes sends people loopy with only thoughts of how to please her. The stronger the will of mind however if the victim already has someone they love the less powerful it is and fades sooner.

2.She also controls poisons which she leaves on her knifes so when they cut someone they are naturally poisoned.

Full power form: Her nails become her blades at full power, her skin coated in poison so even the slightest touch can kill.

History:She hates being beautiful, all of her human life people have treated her as an object rather than a person simple because of her looks. A thing to obtain other than someone with genuine feelings, a lot of hatred and anger built up inside her because of this leading her to take revenge on the eyes that probed her. Sleeping with men and women on whimes just because she felt like it and tricking them using her allure to get what she wanted by stealing their precious items and having them buy her things.
Since she believed they only saw her as an object she didn't care how she treated them in return, but that couldn't kill the pain she felt inside everytime another person would look at her but they would never keep her like an item only useful for one thing so not worth buying.
However she truly desires to be seen more for the person she is than her beauty.

Violently murdered on the bed of a hotel room, by a man she once knew and stole from, it was her hate and vile feelings towards those that showed her affection only for her beauty that she was chosen by hell to become their sin, Lust.
They believe she could use it to gain her own revenge, however she never did find the man who murdered her human self and a small part of her almost felt relieved that her empty life had ended, even if it did begin a new one in its place.

She is sincere and level headed, she's knows quite well how to use her words around men AND women to make them see sense her way full of charisma, so much so that teasing others has become a playful past time of hers as she lures them in with her charms.
However with certain types of people she prefers not to do so, for example an extremely naive person as she would slightly guilty renemants of her old human life peering through.
She feels that she doesn't have any purpose in life other than to stand and look beautiful to others, it sadness her but she would never show it that she feels rather empty inside. More than once she would wish to be something more, something valuble to a person not effected by her power to intoxicate them towards her anyway.

Otherwise she is quite intelligent in reality however often lies about herself and many other things as she has been brought up that way, to be decietful and guarding of herself by not trusting others. Really underneath the fake glamour, she wonders if their is a person that exists that could see her for her, an intelligent woman with a loneliness from before her human death that never seems satisfied.


  • To wear dark colours as it suits her best
  • Tactiful games as they challenge her interlect.
  • Apples, she adores to eat apples. (adam and eve first sin eh eh? ='D)
  • Teasing people
  • Flirting
  • The Moon light
  • White Lilies
  • Swimming
  • Merang

  • Her interlect being misjudged.
  • Being passed over,
  • Ignorant people.
  • Being seen as only beautiful
  • Loud noises
  • Sloppy food
  • Her existence
  • Alcohol - lessons the expierence she thinks

Other: She always wears red lipstick with her dark black hair, making her lips stand out.


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