"Hell"Selene Yukimaru

The Snatcher

a character in “Sins of the Killers”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Selene Yukimaru
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Role: The Snatcher
Favorite Weapon: Kitchen Knife
Personality: Selene was always a jealous person. She always wanted what she didn't have and felt as if she should take them. She justifies her actions by saying her victims didn't deserve what they had.
She attempts to paint the perfect picture of herself. For people to see her as everything she wants to be, but that's just the cover. Never will she be satisfied by what she has.
Likes: Her son, Having things, Taking things, Having more than others, Looking good, Being clean, Jewels, Cooking, Killing
Dislikes: Feeling unknown, Losing, Her husband. Feeling poor, Pity
How many kills: 22 (But she's been going for a while)
Picture: Image
Obsessions?: Being superior to others, Jewelry is her weakness
Phobias?: Deathly afraid of snakes and being poor again
Cover: A pleasant housewife living in southern California
History: Selene has always wanted. She was adopted by a fairly poor family. Not only did she want her real family, she knew she was poor from an early age.
She grew up an ambitious and bright young girl who always wanted to be better. She got straight A's, was one of the popular girls in school, and she stayed away from "inferior" company. But with that she was a cold and cut throat bitch.
She spread lies and hate around her circle of friends and would do anything for people to like her more. Her first kill was when she was 16 and her best friend started dating one of Selenes old boyfriend. Selene was so angry at her friend that during an argument she accidently pushed her friend down the stairs. She was apalled at herself, until her adopted sister married a man that Selene wanted. She killed her adopted sister with a kitchen knife, but she made it look like a robbery. She even took all her sister's money and jewelry and hid it to make it look so.
Over the years she killed more and more people, taking things from all of them. They called her the L.A. Harpy, that is until she married a rich buissness man and moved to Beverly Hills. She seemed to have the perfect life. She even had a son. But then her husband started drinking to much. Then an attractive man moved in across the street. And then her husband start hitting her. And then she started slipping something special into his drinks. And then he started to get "sick". And then she still wanted more...

So begins...

Selene Yukimaru's Story