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Skaerra: The Unlikely Tale

Skaerra: The Unlikely Tale

A high fantasy roleplay set in the universe of Skaerra. More Inside. [Paused]

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Credit to Pierre Henri de Valenciennes


The world of Skaerra (Sky-Ra) holds many wonders and secrets. It is a world of four continents, and vast seas and oceans dotted by many islands and archipelagos. Magic enriches the land and the seas with its almost infinite abundance. The splendor of this world beckons the touch of capricious and undeserving gods.

It is the Year 3528, or Year 28 of the Eighth Era. The Aea, heavenly stewards whose purpose is to watch over the Creator's designs, have long been split since the days of the First Era. The exiled Aea under Ircys await the return of their leader Molos, the Fallen Star. Molos's brother, Oelne, the usurper of Creation, prepares for war once more with his allies and their armies behind him. He has not forgotten the Heavenly War when Oelne defeated Molos and forced him to flee into the great vast Night seeking the Creator. Oelne will ensure that their primacy is absolute once and for all. That they may finally call themselves the true rulers of this realm, and leave the Creator behind as a mere imagination.

A sickness of unknown origin, the Red Wind, has fallen upon the Elven realm of Alheras. The Council of Flyfendel rallies the elven leaders to erect measures to halt its spread through Elven lands while contending with invaders sensing weakness among their ranks. Princess Anundhel Eressea of the Royal House of Alheras has taken it upon herself to seek out a cure. For the cure, she requires three ingredients. Water from the Well of Regrets, a fountain of immortality. The heart of a black drake named Vormyceres, who consumed a star that rendered his heart unable to decay. Finally, a leaf from the oldest tree in existence, Yparil.

Meanwhile, the Empire of Dessor finds itself embroiled in new conflicts with the barbarous tribes to the north and the feudal city states of the Northern Coalition. Chancellor Renocles Isidore plots with a faction of Senators to seize power from Emperor Pellion Loenthil.

Clandestine agents race against time to stop the unraveling of the barriers between the mortal realm of Skaerra and the immaterial realms.

In these times of peril, a few souls, though left behind by fate, forge their own destinies as they are thrust to the forefront of all this.

They may find that all is not as it seems.


Welcome to Skaerra!

A high fantasy roleplay with epic and mythic overtones. It is a story about nobodies becoming larger than life heroes by embarking on a great journey through a world rife with the surreal and fantastical. It is an adventure beyond their wildest dreams, literally. The story concerns a group of characters who are all entwined by having dreamt a specific dream. Where it will take them, they know not. Perhaps their tale will be enshrined as legends for generations to come. However, the fates have yet to weave those strands. Thus, the rest will be up to us.


Credit to MOOD from "Fall of Gods"


First, I want to make it clear that, no matter what, I am taking you on as the writers, not as the characters you play. This is why I encourage people to not be so attached to their character and to try and write for NPCs or be open to the idea of killing their characters.

The characterization should be dynamic. When someone else describes your character in IC, feel free to quote that and put it in your character's profile. You'll be free to customize those pages however you like. One image (excluding the avatar pic) in their portraits at the start of this roleplay is required. The first image is for the sake of everyone being on the same page on a mental visual standpoint as far as their face is concerned. The appearance does not need to match what the image has, for you can describe your character's dress as you would unrestricted. There is no limit on images. Concept art is recommended.

Also, please reference other characters' sheets for guidance if necessary. PMs for help are welcome too.

Now at the end of all of this, if you find these terms acceptable, I welcome you to join me.

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[font="(Pick One of Your Choice.)"]
[b]Name:[/b] (Include preferred pronunciation.)
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] (Under certain races, like humans there are sub ethnic groups.)
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]

[b]Physical Appearance:[/b] (One paragraph minimum.)
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Skin Tone/Complexion:[/b]

[b]Combat Skills:[/b]
[u]Magic Mastery Level:[/u] (Check Magic and Flow thread for more information.)
[u]Magic Resistance Level:[/u] (Check Magic and Flow thread for more information.)
[u]Flow Mastery Level:[/u] (Check Magic and Flow thread for more information.)
[u]Weapons and Equipment:[/u] (Up to you.)

[b]Miscellaneous Items:[/b]

[b]Personality Description:[/b] (One paragraph minimum.)
[b]Religious Beliefs:[/b]

[b]History:[/b] (Two paragraphs minimum.)[/font]


Communicate, talk to us, we're people too.
Standard RoleplayGateway Rules apply.
Common courtesy roleplay rules apply.
  • No god-modding.
  • No meta-gaming.
Expect to be active on a daily to weekly basis.
No OOC comments in IC posts.
If work or school has you busy let us know when you'll be gone or if you need to leave.
Characters will be killed off or removed in the event of the owner's lengthy absence. If you wish for your creative property to remain untouched, let us know.
Rules are subject to change.

Disclaimer: All creative content within this roleplay are the intellectual property of their respective owners. Please do not use this without our express consent and permission.

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Character Portrait: Huo Fiery pugilist and runaway slave. His temper isn't as bad as his fists.
Character Portrait: Antius Geminus "The world is a fascinating place. I want to see it."
Character Portrait: Danairia Feyn The Drunkard Elvish sell-sword known for her outspoken abrasiveness, uncommon in the likes of other elves....
Character Portrait: Caspian Polarus A blacksmith journeyman who has recently started working at the coliseum he's nothing special and not an adventurer.
Character Portrait: Vadania Moonwhisper "People talk big game until they're trying to squirm away from the knife sticking out of their back."
Character Portrait: Ya'weh
Ya'weh played by Tyce
Spiritual gladiator trainer.
Character Portrait: Sanvi
Sanvi played by EnkoKasumi
"A real problem only occurs when there are admittedly disadvantages in all courses that can be pursued."
Character Portrait: Daemon Samil "What is normal to the spider, is chaos to the fly."

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These poor, unfortunate souls were once a part of this great world, but have been abandoned. Why don't you consider viewing their profiles and making a decision on whether or not you can roleplay them accurately?

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Gyarazi Desert

Gyarazi Desert by VindicatedPurpose

The desert that surrounds the coastal cities of Khi'ir and Korm on the western coast of Syakh.


Seirkent by VindicatedPurpose

Seirkent is located further in land away from Syakh.

Hamyzadh Desert

Hamyzadh Desert by VindicatedPurpose

The Hamyzadh desert is located east of the Syakh free cities and the Sultanate of Asyral.


Daellean by VindicatedPurpose

Daellean. Also known as The Elven Realm to outsiders.


Khi'ir by VindicatedPurpose

The city of Khi'ir is a fine port city off the western coast of the continent of Syakh.

Meroan Sea

Meroan Sea by VindicatedPurpose

The Meroan Sea is a body of water that separates the southern tips of Dessor from Syakh.

The Upper Plane

The Upper Plane by VindicatedPurpose

The Upper Plane is the realm of the gods and angels.

The White Sphinx

The White Sphinx by VindicatedPurpose

The White Sphinx aptly named because of the White Sphinx creature that adorns the entrance.


Syakh by VindicatedPurpose

The continent of Syakh is home to Sultanates and Caliphates, the free cities, and the ruins of of the Zengid Empire.

Universe of Skaerra

Universe of Skaerra by VindicatedPurpose

A creation of the One Creator.

World of Skaerra

World of Skaerra by VindicatedPurpose

Welcome to Skaerra


Dessor by VindicatedPurpose

The continent of Dessor is home to the Empire of Dessor and the Elven Realms.

Province of Opris

Province of Opris by VindicatedPurpose

The Province of Opris, major cities include Opynonias.


Opynonias by VindicatedPurpose

One of the major cities of the Province of Opris within the Empire of Dessor.

Colosseum of Opynonias

Colosseum of Opynonias by VindicatedPurpose

The central attraction at Opynonias, if the walls are not bloodied, something has gone wrong.

Port of Opynonias

Port of Opynonias by VindicatedPurpose

The port of Opynonias.

Marketplace of Opynonias

Marketplace of Opynonias by VindicatedPurpose

The marketplace is lined with indoor shops and merchant stands covered beneath canopies of fabric.

Sirine Hill

Sirine Hill by VindicatedPurpose

A quiet neighborhood district, east of the Colosseum, and south of the marketplace. Dhaxi's manor can be found here.

Province of Aetille

Province of Aetille by VindicatedPurpose

The Province of Aetille is otherwise known as the Imperial Province.

Foreign Quarter

Foreign Quarter by VindicatedPurpose

The Foreign Quarter is a section of Khi'ir's lower city where a number of expatriates and non-natives live and work.

Imperial City of Aetumnas

Imperial City of Aetumnas by VindicatedPurpose

Aetumnas, otherwise known as the Imperial City.

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[VindicatedPurpose] The official official NPC page of Skaerra: The Unlikely Tale.

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Daemon Samil

0.00 INK

The city of Seirkent boasted some of the finest spires and towers that ever adorned the sands of Syakh. The city flourished as a hub of commerce and trade, but it had seen better days. Asyral’s aggression from the east and the other cities competing for the market on the west led to many of the denizens migrating for the better parts of the desert.

During the crusades, the Imperial army destroyed the entire western portion of the city in a siege. Emperor Loenthil then returned and ordered the reconstruction of the city. Many visitors to the city will often recognize the strange statues that adorn the western gates of the city. The more learned of these travelers will know the influence that the Empire left behind in what some would have considered its golden age.

The city itself soon grew under the reign of Rafha the Magnificent, who built Seirkent into a jewel of the desert beyond the Gyarazi. The entire western section of the city that the Imperials had destroyed became the Western Markets district with its many tents and stalls propped up. A small little two story flat lay nestled at an intersection among the various spice and bread stands that kept a steady stream of visitors and customers coming in and out.

The two story flat belonged to a blind sage by the name of Amara. She appeared to be of D’homani descent reaching her early sixties or perhaps she was older, no one knew. Sages tended not to reveal their true ages, but an outside glance and others would perceive her to be an aging woman. Though, it would also appear that she aged with some level of grace afforded to her through what many could guess to be excellent herbal concoctions that kept her skin gleaming. Her refusal to step outside further protected her delicate skin from the harsh desert wind and sun that almost every Syakh child had grown accustomed to.

She stocked her shelves with a variety of herbs, but those were for personal use instead of selling. Many who lived in the area considered Amara a renowned sage woman, but her reputation only stretched as far as she would allow it. Those who knew her knew that she was renowned for ability to scry. Though, she rarely scryed, and she was very exclusive as to who she would perform her magic for. A stranger bravo swinging into her peaceful abode dropping crowns as though he bled them would not garner her sympathy or her magic. She would have to deem one worthy, but nobody knew what her criteria for worthiness was.

She did hear someone enter as evidence by the sharp creak of the wooden door and the clank of the door knob.

“You don’t look so good,” the blind sage woman nodded to herself, “Though, that’s not to say that I can see, but from what I’m hearing and smelling, I can only assume you don’t look so good. What’s the news today, rogue?”

Setting Changes... 48089 => 49384


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Huo

0.00 INK

“Ye don’t have many nice words for yer old master do ye? Comon’ boyo. Nothin’” Penth smacked his lips.

“I’m free now.”

Penth spit the ground and guffawed as though he had heard the best joke of all time, “That can be rectified rather quickly.”

Huo wanted to burn the smug grin that remained after the laughter died, but he said nothing and did nothing. He could see plenty of Penth’s near clean teeth, which contradicted his memory. He recalled having seen the slaver with crooked teeth and festering gums. Perhaps, he thought, his mind clouded those thoughts due to years of serving Penth. There was no real love. The same could be said of Dhaxi. The Osu felt the same about all his slavemasters. He wondered if Niobe and the others came looking for him. However, his mind quickly silenced that thought. It was unlikely. They probably continued their way toward Seirkent. He didn’t expect them to return to find him. Most never did.

His head hurt as he tried to remember the events. He remembered that he traveled with the dwarf and the kaleth. They had made some significant progress into a land with no end, and thus no actual progress. He saw images of a giant creature, a giant outline in his mind. Then the thirst in his throat and the parches of his lips recalled him to his present moment. All of this culminated into a single distinguishing thought that revolved around escaping. He had to entertain a few words with Penth. The reunion felt uncomfortable. Yet, much had changed since they last saw each other.

“Seems ye’ve gone mute with yer new master?” Penth laughed, revealing the brown crooked rear teeth, “It’s a pity because ye would have learned to fight with me.”

The slaver glared at Huo before he returned to the others just around the canyon wall by the firepit which cast the shadows of the group for the Osu to see. The group chewed through the roasted game fish from their provisions. Huo wondered if he could burn his way through the chains. Though, he would have to attempt an escape to find out, but if that attempt failed then it would alert Penth to his former slave’s newfound powers. Huo needed to keep his abilities a secret. Secrecy was his advantage, that, and the fact that he wanted to see what his old boss was up to.

He felt a surge of the flow build and lit a brief flame in his palm, but then he extinguished the flame and waited.
Three of Penth’s comrades, filthy roughshod barbarians and bandits, armed with cleavers and scimitars approached the tied-up fighter and pelted a few fists into the latter’s stomach just to blow off some steam. Huo exhaled as he let the pain drum on underneath his skin. Then they untied him from the piton nailed into the canyon that the rope had been tied to. They retied his hands behind his back and walked him around the canyon wall.

Upon rounding the corner, Huo saw the various tents pitched around a center firepit where a piece of lamb roasted. He saw the various bandits some decked in armor and nothing else while others wore light and bright tunics with animal feathers and plumes sticking out of their helms. Others wore shemaghs that covered their faces save the eyes. He also saw several caged wagons where many captives had been chained and roped together. There were felidins, humans, tharonians, and epori captured.

Before he saw any further, a crushing blow hit the back of his head and Huo fell unconscious again.

Iyoka galloped on horseback until she reached the very same canyon. She dismounted and found the campfire pits had been extinguished. She wiped her fingers over the charred wood and inhaled whatever trace hints she could use to track her quarry. Then she remounted the steed and galloped off into the desert.

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