South Point SpringsLeonardo "Leo" Firenze

A hater who hates hatingly.

a character in “SkAtErS aNd HaTeRs”, as played by Calamity

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Leo is 5'11 With Mossy green eyes, and dark brown hair. He has a tall, and fairly muscular build, and usually dresses in somewhat fancy clothing.


Leo Is somewhat quiet, and keeps to himself, though he likes making freinds, he hates the skaters. He comes from a long line of italian bankers, and loves his heiratage, and talks with a bit of an accent.


Ipod, Guitar, Cell phone, stuff like that.


Leo is an extreemly talented musician and artist. At the age of seven, he was a master of piano, and at age thirteen, he could shred guitar like nobody's buisness. Leo hates the skaters with a passion, because he thinks they're all show-offs, and the amazing talents of the rest of the town go unnoticed because of them.

So begins...

Leonardo "Leo" Firenze's Story