Ski ResortNicole Stella Handerson

"This is pathetic.. how did I even end up here?"

a character in “Ski Trip: The Last Trip”, as played by sweetgal

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Name: Nicole Stella Handerson
Nickname: Nic
Age: 19
Personality: Nicole is the type of person that speaks her mind no matter the atmosphere or situation. Though most things that leave her mouth are anything but nice and sweet that you would expect from a girl that looked like her. She has this way of offending people around her, and not bothering. She would rather have people steer away from her, rather than befriend her. Being the 'mean' type she is many people hate her, so it comes off as no surprise that she doesn't have many friends. She puts up a cold and strong front, so getting close to her is near to impossible. Nicole doesn't believe in the 'romance' side of world, and despite there being guys who may be attracted to her because of her looks, she pushes them away with her personality. She's never been in a committed relationship except for once that she never talks about. She simply hates talking about the past, especially hers. Nicole is the more secretive type, and even trying to be nice and friendly to her goes to no avail she will just respond in an offending manner. There have been people that have put her down and spoken harsh words to her, but she doesn't bother taking them into account and merely shrugs them away as they are nothing.
Though her physical appearance and the way she dresses simply contradicts this, she dresses pretty much like any other girl but without the exaggerated effort behind it of trying to look beautiful. She will put anything on that she sees fit but that doesn't mean she comes across a whacky she does have her sense of fashion.

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Nicole Stella Handerson's Story