Levi Jaxson

"Sarcasm moterf****r, do you speak it?"

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a character in “Skins: New Generation”, as played by Gii_the_fallen



Nicknames: Lex, L.J.

Age: 17

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6' 0

Weight: 152 lbs

He got his mothers looks with his hazel eyes and dark and messy curly hair. Even though he is more on the skinnier side, he has a firm, slightly muscular body.
He also has his mothers initials and year of birth and death on his right wrist.

Occupation: Mechanic in his uncles garage.

Personality: Independence is his principle. He craves adventure and excitement and welcomes change with open arms. He can be reckless and irresponsible because he will jump at a suggestion of something new before he weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Lex tends to be rebel just for the sake of having his own way. His stubbornness sometimes causes his failure. He will continue to do something his way even though others have proved it is wrong, he is smart and knows it's wrong but he will continue just because it is his way. Lex is very observant and can gather his information objectively because emotions do not get in the way. He seems to be above emotions altogether and when he speaks, he speaks the truth. Sometimes it may be shocking or painful because of his disregard for the feelings of others, but Lex intend no harm. He doesn't like to talk about his feelings, he simply experience them and moves on. Beneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted friend that will go out of his way to help others. He loves to make people laugh and cheer people up and it makes him feel good to make others feel good. He is very unconventional and always full of excitement.


His little cousins,
Video games.
His father,
Community work.

Father - Edward Watson (46) - Not in his life if he can help it.
Step mother - Nicole Watson (44) - Sometimes comes to his uncles garage. A nice woman who is (still) married to an A-hole.
Half brother - Mike (19)
Half sister - Sabrina (23)
Mother - Margaret Jaxson - deceased.
Uncle - Anthony "Tony"Jaxson (39)
Aunt - Anne Jaxson (35)
Cousins - Rebecca (10) and Kevin (4)

History:Margaret Jaxson worked as a waitress in the local bar where she met Edward Watson. At first she didn't want to do anything with a married man, but Edward persuaded her, telling that his marriage was already fallen apart and that they are filing up for the divorce. Believing him, she started seeing him soon after. When she found out that she was pregnant she went to look for him and was shocked when she saw him with his family. He and his wife looked like a happily married couple and not one bit like people going for a divorce. Without thinking it over she went to face him. He was mortified and she felt awful for his wife who seemed like a very nice woman, who even though she was the woman her husband was cheating on she run to her help when she almost fainted. When he told her to have an abortion she realized what a kind of a man he really was. Levi Jaxson was born on the (insert date).

It was hard for Margaret to raise him all alone but she refused to take money from his father. She worked even harder than before, leaving the little Lex with her landlady or her brother, who gladly looked after him. When he started first grade it was hard for him to learn to read and wright and soon it was discovered that he had dyslexia. School's never been his favorite place because his teachers always complained about his writing and spelling, and classmates would always pick on him and call him stupid. Sometimes he would get into fights and was always the one on the losing end, until his uncle didn't take him under his wings and taught him to protect himself. When Lex was ten, his mother collapsed on work and was taken to the hospital where they diagnosed her with lung cancer. The following year he spent many times next to his mothers bed watching her getting thinner and thinner. A week after his eleventh birthday she passed away. He moved to live with his uncle and aunt. His uncle worked as a mechanic and would always take Lex with him to the garage and show him how to fix and build engines. From then on he got into cars and bikes and would even participate in illegal car races. During on of those races someone informed the cops and they broke the race and he ended up arrested. Since he was still a minor, he was sentenced to work (X) hours in community service.


Other: He races with his 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

Romantic interest/crush: TBA

Thoughts on other characters:TBA


So begins...

Levi Jaxson's Story


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The morning sun shone through the blinders on the windows while Cadee stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling above her head. She had a slight headache and all of her memories from last night were a blur. She wrapped the sheath around her body and winced as she sat up. She must have made some noise because the guy lying next to her stirred, and for a moment Cadee thought that he was going to wake up, but he continued to sleep. If she remembered correctly, his name was Jordan. She met him at the club last night, though she couldn't really recall what he looked like. From what she could see from her side of the bed he had a nice muscled back. He was probably a swimmer, she assumed. His hair was dark and seemed well taken care of... The ringtone of her phone startled her and made her headache even worse. She almost fell from the bed while reaching for her bag on the floor. Looking at the caller ID, she grimaced. It was her mother. The maids probably informed her that she hadn't spent the night home, though she didn't realize why that bothered her mother since she never really cared if she was home or not. Then it hit her. She had school today. Even thought she didn't really care for school she didn't want to have her car keys being taken away so she dragged herself out of bed and searched for her clothes. She dressed quietly and was half way out the door, when the guy woke up.

"You're leaving already?" he asked, sitting up in the bed.

"I have school." Cadee turned to see a handsome face with a pair of piercing blue eyes.

"Oh," he said, a bit disappointed. "Well, I had a great night, Cadee."

"Me, too. Bye then, Jordan," she said. She could hear him as she closed the door, "I'm Brandon."

"Yeah, whatever, it’s not like I’ll be seeing you again," she mumbled.


She didn't have to face her mother until later tonight since she was probably already in the office, so when she got home she went straight to her bathroom to take a shower. After she was done with the bathroom she walked into her walk-in closet and got dressed. She went to her desk to take her car keys, but they weren't there. Her mother must have took them. It was a good thing she hid her spare keys on a place her mother would never even think to look for them: the garage. Sometimes the most obvious places were the best hiding places. She smirked as she unlocked the doors of her baby, a present for her birthday from her grandfather, who was actually the only one who remembered her birthday without anyone actually having to remind him. She put the car in gear and drove off. Fifteen minutes later she arrived to school and turned off the engine. She popped two pills into her mouth and got out of the car. Putting on her sunglasses she headed toward the entrance.


Lex was about to win the race when he was startled awake by his cousins. The ten and four year old's jumped on his bed until he was awake enough to mumble "I'm up, I'm up." and they rushed out of his room giggling. This was their morning routine. Lex had trouble waking up since no matter how many alarm clocks he sets up he would always sleep through them. He couldn't afford to sleep in late since he had community work first thing in the morning, and if he was late he would have his hours prolonged and that he really didn't need. So what is a better alarm clock if not children? He would always wonder how could they have so much energy first thing in the morning. Even as a kid he loved his sleep. But these two always seem like they are high on sugar or maybe they run on those batteries. What were they called again? Duracell?
He stretched, and dragged himself to the bathroom. All dressed he walked into the kitchen where his aunt, Anne, was making breakfast while Rebecca and Kevin were eating their cereal.

"Shouldn't you cut down with their sugar intake?" he asked, eyeing the full bowls.

"I could, but you wouldn't have who to wake you up in the morning." Anne joked as she poured coffee and offered it to Lex.

"True that." he said and gladly took it. He smelled the rich scent of the coffee couldn't help but smile. Nothing better than the first cup of coffee, he thought to himself as he went to sit on the porch. There was a no smoking rule in the house and he would comply. So whenever he would smoke he would sit outside on the porch. A couple of cigs and two cups of coffee later he got into his car and drove to meet with his community worker.