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Kitty :3
Name: Adams (He refuses to tell anyone his first name, since he hates it so)
Race: Crystal Bearer
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Human Form:
Crystal Bearer Form: (no wings)
+ Cats
+ Crayons
+ Bright colors
+ Glass art
+ Piano
+ Classical music
+ Sexy guys
+ Listening to rain
- Gloominess
- Sitting still for too long
- Boring people
- Scary people
- Second hand smoke
- Slurs against his sexuality
- Dogs
- Bitter things
+ Stamina
+ Creativity (essential to his power)
- Easily distracted
- Not very advanced
- Not fast
- Not strong
Eye color:
Normal form: A bright, alert green. His eyes are very adorable, almost making him look like a puppy.
Crystal form: A silvery, reflective white
Hair color:
Normal form: Jet black
Crystal form: White with purple tinge
Hair length: Shaggy
Book of Drawings and Writings: Adams' book in which he uses to manipulate ink to his advantage.
Broken drainpipe: A broken drainpipe Adams found one day, and could never seem to let go of.
A shield made of woven reeds he wears across his back, good for defending himself against fire and water based attacks, which are most useful against his ink.
Adams uses earth based attacks mostly, since his ink is mineral based. He can also use wind, and levitation, but sticks only to those areas so he can master them. But, while using it, he goes into a state where all color fades from his vision, and he can only spot lines. It's like he fades into another world of some sort.
Can use mineral (earth) based ink in his advantage, hardening it and molding it.
Biography: You'll find out :)
Other: Adams is openly bisexual.

So begins...

Adams's Story