NaminokaEzekiel Syllektis

"Tremble And Die."

a character in “Sky Light: Book One”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Ezekiel Syllektis
Kiel or Zeke

Ex Crystal Bearer/Pure-Blood Demon

Real: Unknown/Appearance: Late Teens


Ezekiel's human appearance is that of a late-teens. He has actually looked like this for a very long time, he does not age so his appearance stays the same. However, Ezekiel sometimes changes his appearance by dying his hair or changing the style of it, just so he can keep a low-profile and not raise suspicion. The current appearance is Ezekiel's real appearance though. He has short brown hair, soft to the touch but retains a messy appearance about it. His eyes are a bright blue and hold a soft and gentle feeling about them, leading someone into a false sense of security. Clothes wise, Ezekiel usually wears a plain white, long sleeved, shirt with two of the buttons undone beneath the collar, allowing people to see his bare chest. Over this he wears a black waistcoat which is always done up by round gold buttons. His trousers and shoes are also plain black, however he wears a golden sash around his waist in order to hold his swords there as well as a purple robe for reasons unknown, possibly to also hold his swords in place. On his hands he wears black gloves, his index finger, thumb and middle finger are not covered but his last two fingers are. This allows maximum grip upon his swords.

ImageEzekiel's Demonic/Crystal Bearer appearance is exactly the same as his regular appearance. However his hair changes to a snow white colour and his eyes burn a crimson red. The soft and gentle feeling which his eyes used to have disappears completely, giving way to a harsh and psychotic look. Ezekiel's hair also seems to become more wilder than before.

✓Other People

✗Being Alone
✗Romances (Real-life/Novels)
✗Growing Too Attached To Someone (Being In Love)

+Sword Skills
+His Magic
+Will To Fight

-Likeness For Other People
-Light (Magic mainly. It badly hurts Ezekiel)
-Hand To Hand Combat

Two Katanas

Demonic/Dark Crystal

Interrelating to Ezekiel's magic, his magic/abilities bear resemblance to that of a crystal bearer but much darker. The crystals he uses are black in colour and can be controlled at will. He uses these to create shields, weapons ect. One of Ezekiel's favorite move is to create sharp floating crystals around him and use them to attack his opponents. As well as Crystal Magic, he uses a variety of Demonic Magic. This includes things like possession, controlling and transportation by the use of shadows and summoning creatures to do his bidding. There are many other things which Ezekiel can do but he likes to keep certain things to himself so that he can constantly surprise his opponents.

What really happened to Ezekiel is unknown but he used to be a Crystal Bearer. He was a few generations before the current Bearers, but whatever happened has caused him to turn to the dark side and develop a burning hatred for the Crystal Bearers. He has taken out the generations before with the help of the other Villains and is currently working on killing the new ones.


So begins...

Ezekiel Syllektis's Story