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a character in “Sky Light: Book One”, as played by austyn101

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Name: John little
Race: Ice pheonix
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Very tall, about 6'7, he gets teased because of his last name and his height, he has hair down to his eye's, his hair is blue, and the tips are red, he is very built, so he is strong and buff, he wears Black tank tops, even in winter, always wears camoflouge shorts, even i nthe winter. His true form, he has arms and legs, but has a beak and has blue skin colour and when he gets made he turns red, he has feathers all down his back and arms and legs, he has wings that look like iceacles.
Likes: Cold weather, eating cold foods, LOVES batman, roleplaying on his laptop, drawing, reading Stephen King books, Girls, ice cold beer ( He does not care if he is under age his dad told him it is okay )
Dislikes: Warm weaTHER, WARM Food, HATES spider man, rolplaying on paper, Robert Munch books, warm beer ( Tasts real crappy )
Strengths: Cold weather, he is his most powerfull in cold weather, it is like his mucsles power up and he can fight a lot better, the caress of a girls hand makes him try way harder
Weaknesses: Warm weather, it is like his mucsles melt inside him, making it impossable to fight, flash lights, he was born with a condition that makes it feel like when you put a flash light up to him, it is like putting a magnifing class up to the sun and aiming it at his arm.
Eye color: Ice blue
Hair color: Blue and red tips.
Hair length: \down to eye's and back of neck.
Equipment: Five whole kegs that he uses very raraly, a freezer filled with rainbow coloured popsicles, and steel toed boots.
Abilities: Can make people freeze, can stand the freezing cold



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