NaminokaKanashimi Aijou

"Why is everything so unbearably tragic...?"

a character in “Sky Light: Book One”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Kanashimi Aijou
"It means sadness."


One of the Four Great Villians
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"Does it really matter...?"

"You disgust me."

Aijou... doesn't like... much. To say the least. In fact, there is only one thing he likes, and that one thing is to the point of obsession. The sound of a heart beating. That is the one thing about life that is not decidedly tragic to him, which makes it all the more sad. He even carries a stethoscope with him at all times, and while some need music to fall asleep, Aijou requires the sound of a beating heart.
"The one speck of hope in this world brimming with sadness."

These are things that Aijou feels gives proper respect for the sadness:
+Shady and faded colors, especially grey
+Blood (though he finds it's color a menace to the world)
+Water in general
+Broken Glass

Aijou dislikes anything that gives disrespect for the sadness. Or, anyting that reminds him not everything is saddness. He's in denial, basically.
"I am not!"
-Bright colors
-Loud noises
-Careless fools
-Crayons. Another menace to the world.
-Any infant of any species
"All these things are an abomination!''

<Incredibly graceful. You would think he's made out of some impossible mix of air, water, and cat. As a result, it's very hard to make him lose his balance or land a hit.>
<Though he looks like the slightest breeze could wisk him away, Aijou is very strong. Nobody leaves a game of mercy with him without a few broken bones.>
<Telling people off.>
<He's rather... fast...>
<Hand to hand combat.>
(note: Aijou has only his eyes for magical offence, but don't underestimate him. He is one of the villians after all, and the strengths he does have are very, well, strong)

>Aijou can't take direct sunlight; if he stood in it too long he'd probably wither away and die. But he's very good at either stopping it or running away! (he never goes out without an anti-UV umbrella, sweater, sunglasses, and sunscreen)<
>Healing abilities tend to do the opposite they're intended to do, inflicting damage instead.<
>If he goes to long without hearing a living thing's heartbeat, he falls into a state of depression and can't move.<
>Anything on his dislike list. However you must be careful with this. The more that gets tossed at Aijou, the angrier he get's. You have to keep 'em coming hard enough, fast enough, an long enough. Otherwise, he goes crazy and goes on a slaughter streak. If you succeed, his mind will implode on itself rendering him unconsious for a good twelve hours.<
>Is considerably weaker when hot.<

Eye Color:
Greenish yellow. Aijou's eyes are very much like a basilisk's, and his only form of 'magical' offence. His eyes are usually covered by sunglasses, but as soon as he takes them off, everybody's gaze is drawn. But if you stare directly into their depths, you'll begin to wonder why everything else seems to loose it's color and why you can't seem to tear yourself away. You'll soon begin to see golden figures dancing, acting out every sad thing that's happened to you in your entire life. And if that's not enough, every sad thing that's happened in everybody else's life too. The only way you can look away is if your eye's start spilling tears. This leaves Aijoi's enemies considerably weaker mentally.
"You can't possibly know how annoying it is to have everybody start crying all at the same time. It's pathetic really."

Hair Color:
An ashy grey-white.
"A very appropriate color, if I do say so myself."

Hair Length:
Not that long, but if you somehow manage to touch it, the stuff feels as soft as the ash it so resembles.
"There is a picture up there! And don't go telling them that!"

Here we go. This list includes all of his anti-sun gear, anti-heat gear, and whatever else Aijou's paranoia sasys he nees to bring 'just in case'.
~Anti-UV umbrella
~Some kind of sweatshirt/sweater
~Thermo container of iced tea
~Sythe, kept in the form of a dogtag
~Gloves. In case he nees to handle something disrespectful. (*cough*crayons*cough*)
~Most of this is carried in a grey drawsrting bag/pack~

<Can faze through most objects. If you're a human, Aijou can just reach inside and pull a few guts out... Anything human he can faze through. Walls, bullets; whatever. Magical items, or people, however, are another story.>
<Little known fact, but if you cry on Aijou he heals, in exchange for one of his weaknesses.>
<Can stand through almost ANY amount or form of cold. See the stuff he's laying on in the picture? It's probably a mix of snow and dry ice.>

<Mesmerizing eyes, look at eye color for further information.>

Once upon a time, Aijou had a little sister. Her name was Hana. They lived with his mother and father. Aijou wasn't very much liked at school; kids were always picking on him for this or that. But Aijou didn't mind. He had his pet dog, and the rest of his family. He didn't need 'friends'. One day he woke up covered in blood. (The rest will be reveiled later.)

The day he smiles is the day hell freezes over. And, his goal is it purify the world of all life, and with it, sadness.


So begins...

Kanashimi Aijou's Story