NaminokaLee Jeremy

a character in “Sky Light: Book One”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Lee Jeremy

Race: Angel

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: (See left)

-Open Spaces
-Playing the Violin
-Classical Music
-The Sun
-White Roses

-Annoying People
-Rude People
-Crowded Places
-Socializing Often
-Playing His Violin In Front of Others
-Enclosed Spaces
-Dark Places

-Martial Arts (Close Combat)
-Open Spaces

-Long Ranged Combat
-Enclosed Spaces

Eye color: Silverish Blue

Hair color: Blonde - Almost White

Hair length: His bangs cover part of his eyes and his hair is medium length, reaching just over his ears and the top of his neck.

Equipment: He has a long staff that hold retractable blades on each end.

Magic: He doesn't really use magic that often, but can heal minor wounds and help heal larger wounds partially.

Abilities: Obviously, he can fly.

Biography: N/A - You'll have to find out on your own if you really want to know.

Other: N/A


So begins...

Lee Jeremy's Story