NaminokaSumato Ken

"Hah! For a moment there I thought you said you wanted to fight me! Oh, wait..."

a character in “Sky Light: Book One”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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[Name]: Sumato Ken
[Race]: Crystal Bearer
[Age]: 17
[Gender]: Male

[Human Appearance]:

[Crystal Appearance]:

• Techno music.
• Biscuits, especially chocolate ones.
• Freerunning.

• Being forced to fight.
• Homework.

• Powerful ranged offensive capabilities.
• Able to manipulate water in any form, be it liquid, ice or steam.
• Enhanced agility.

• His close combat skills are poor; if any enemy manages to slip past his relentless barrage, he’s done for.
• Can take a few direct hits from melee attacks, but not much more than that.

[Eye Colour]: Blue/Gold (In Crystal form)

[Hair Colour]: Blue/Blue-Green (In Crystal from)

[Hair Length]: Short

[Equipment]: A lightweight backpack contains all his possessions, including a map of the surrounding area, a notepad, a pencil case, a wallet with some money and his last packet of chocolate biscuits. He's even got a few glowsticks he managed to scrounge from a local nightclub.

[Magic]: Mostly uses Ice and Water magic, but is also capable of using Fire spells and levitation.

[Abilities]: Ken can fire shards of crystal from his fingertips and even imbue them with Ice, Water or Fire elemental energy if he wishes.

[Biography]: Ken hardly remembers anything about his early years, although he doesn't let that get him down. All that matters to him is that he's alive and it's enjoyable for him, and with the freedom to roam wherever he may please along with a selection of good music, life's great despite having to keep track of every last penny spent. Recently, however, Ken has found his lifestyle to be rather lonely, and he's started looking into who his parents might have been, although the latter is certainly no easy feat, especially since he doesn't have any leads in the first place.

[Other]: Seeing him without his headphones is very rare indeed...

[Theme Song]: Frank Klepacki – Virus

"Was I supposed to say something about kittens? Erm... they're cute? But seriously, they're so cute.. and fluffy... and... well, you get the idea."

So begins...

Sumato Ken's Story