NaminokaTsukiyomi Len

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Tsukiyomi Len/ Tsukiyomi Rin

Crystal Bearer
15 He's turning 16 in a little bit
1) Dogs
2) Books
3) Some times Girls
4) music
5) Ice cream
6) Books
7) Being lazy
1) Sometimes girl's
2) Rap
3) Strawberries (He's allergic to them)
4) School
5) Being bored
6) Not doing anything

1) His swordsmanship
2) Lighting and wind magic, occasionally ice
3) Len knows Jeet Kune Do
1) Len isn't good with defensive magic
2) He's to careless when casting a spell
3) Often times he messes up when about to uses his powers
4) Len can be very distracted at the sight of a beautiful girl, but only when he is in boy appearance.
Eye color:
Len's eyes are a dull violet, that turn blue in in the sun but in the dark they are violet. When entering his crystal form Len's eyes turn a bright gold that over time he stays in it makes them turn light green
Hair color:
Len's hair appears orange when under the dark, but in the sun it shows to be blond, but when you shine a flash light on it the hair reveals to be green. Ij his crystal form Len shows to have blond hair that grows, but it changes to blue when he start using ice magic, a really bad show of cards.
Hair length:
Len's hair is so long that he has to tie it in a pony tail just to keep it up, and that still doesn't help. It falls in front of his face quite often which makes him have to blow it up, he sometimes does wear a hair piece to help out with his hair. When in his crystal form Len appears to have his hair shortened, it appears to be having a small glow around it and in the back he has it lifted.
Equipment: (Weapons, food, stuff)
Magic :
Len uses all kinds of magic whether it be fire, water, earth, wind, lighting, shadows, darkness, light, blood, or leviation, but he mostly uses lighting, wind, and ice. He is also able to use electrical devices as weapons and he is able to shift and change the appearance of any object that is in his hands.
Len's ability is creating instruments out of crystals that can be used as weapons to amplfy a persons power or defeat someone with music.
Orange ;-; Shonen T
I will not bow ;-; Breaking Benjamin
Butterfly On Your Right-Shoulder ;-; Migikata no Chou

Other:When entering his crystal form Saito gains crystal butterfly wings which allow him flight. Saito also has a tattoo on his right shoulder that prevents certain forms of magic from affecting him, this stuff is anything that doesn't physically harm him but mentally does.
Len has never gone to any school as a boy, he has only been to school as a girl and rarely has ever been out of his girl cloths only on small ocasions will he ever appear as a boy. So everyone believes he is Rin Tsukiyomi.
Also no finding out without permission.

Crystal Form

So begins...

Tsukiyomi Len's Story