NaminokaYaminaka Kumi

"Hm? You call that skill?"

a character in “Sky Light: Book One”, as played by xXChocobeanXx

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Name: Yaminaka Kumi
Race: Crystal Bearer
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Human Appearance: Image
Crystal Appearance: Image
Likes: All types of Cookies, Awesome Clothes, Her magic, Kitty~
Dislikes: Being forced to do something, cleaning (but does it anyway)
Strengths: Defensive magic and defensive use of her crystals
Weaknesses: Offensive magic/Crystal use, Even though she is the first Crystal Bearer, She is the weakest
Eye color: Gray/Blue(in crystal form)
Hair color: Black/White(in Crystal form)
Hair length: Long/Short(Crystal form)
Equipment: Magic, Knives, cookies, Crystals, special headphones that help her use crystals in Crystal mode(defense)
Magic: Water, Air, Light, Darkness, Lightning, Levitation along why her crystals. The down side is, she has to chant spells so use most of her magic effectively.
Abilities: See "Other" For info about her eyes. She can use her crystal as wings to hover and glide over short spaces quickly.
Biography: N/A(Her family is rich)
Other: She has a symbol in her eyes that allow her to see everyone info, she records the information in a book and keeps it a secret so no one can use it for evil. People are currently trying to hunt her down and take the information.

So begins...

Yaminaka Kumi's Story