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Setting: Naminoka2011-10-30 22:05:37, as written by mgoodwin2
Sakura brushed her soft hair as she looked in the mirrior making sure she looked okay. She put a pink flower clip in her brown hair."Perfect" Sakura said while trying to fix the clip in her hair just right. She looked at herself one more time in the mirrior just to make sure everything matched. She was wearing a pink dress short-sleeved, button down, with ruffles and white sandals." Okay, I look good" she said to herself, she walked out of her room grabbing a small pink purse from off her door handle. Sakura walked down stairs wondering why she didn't hear her mom."Mom, are you hear" she shouted so loudly it echoed through out the quiet house. She searched through the house to find a sticky note stuck to the front of the refrigeratorDear Sakura, Mommy had to go to work today. I'm sorry but I left money for you on the counter. Have fun on this Saturday. Love, Mom."Don't over work yourself mom" Sakura trew away the note then went over to the kitchen counter to grab the money off the counter. She put the money in her purse and grabbed her house keys as well. Sakura left the quiet house to try to find something for breakfast."Looks like I'm eatting alone again" she said in a small voice.