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Setting: Naminoka2011-10-31 12:38:06, as written by rhyse
Catchy pop music blared loudly on the radio, carrying out of the second story apartment and into the streets. A small girl moves slightly with the rhythm of the music, adorned in naught but a large green towel, her ruby red hair falling damply down her figure. A thick white mist obscured her form beneath her knees, the mist filling the entire apartment. She looked at herself intently in a large standing mirror she had dragged into the living room. She turned and looked at a couple that sat slumped against each others shoulders, sleeping. "It's a beautiful day out!" She mused, somewhat excitedly, "Must have a beautiful outfit to go with it." With a determined look, the girl turned back to the mirror and began observing herself in it once more. "Can't just stay wet..." she muttered, shaking her body violently, sending water flying everywhere. When she finished her hair settled nicely back in place without need for any comb or touch. "Much better..."

Hooking one finger under the towel, she undid the knot and let it fall to the ground, a tight fitting black shirt painting itself across her torso from where the towel had once been, black stockings and a tight pair of white panties with a frilly pink hem appearing as the towel fell past. "I'm thinking a skirt today," she said, looking her partially clothed form up and down in the mirror, "Oooh! And braids and a hat!" With an excited squeal at finally deciding on what she would wear, she grabbed the frills of her undergarments and began to stretch them out, forming a loosely fitting frilly green skirt that stopped at mid thigh. With a mischievous grin on her face, the girls hair seemed to come alive as it began to order itself into two perfectly braided lengths, ending just above her pert little rear, which she was now staring at in the mirror. With a flick of her wrist she was suddenly holding a small pink beret, which she set atop her head very carefully. Still seeming unhappy with what she was wearing, her face contorted into a look of deep thought. After a few moments, her face lit up with all the excitement of before as a small pink heart formed on the chest of her shirt, and a green vest to match her skirt had grown onto her.

The girl began striking poses in the mirror, admiring her every curve and line, the music had since stopped playing, the hissing crackle of a silent speaker filling the room. She stopped as a small grunting noise coming from behind her broke the white noise, her attention once again placed on the middle aged couple on the couch. "I'm so sorry, look at me forgetting all about my hosts!" The girl strolled across the room and spun onto the couch, squeezing her way between the two sleeping forms and wrapping arms around their necks. She leaned in close to the man, turning his head so she was whispering directly into his ear, "You've been so kind to let me use your home. That shower was really fun, I really liked the massage head," the girl giggled, ruffling up the man's hair and turning to speak into the woman's ear. "Now, you can't just stay with a cheating lout like that," she whispered, turning the man's head to face away from them. "When you wake up, you're just going to have to do something about that. Make him a special dinner, use that stuff under the sink, he won't notice until it's too late."

The girls giggles broke out into a genuine laugh now as she pulled herself up and out of the couch, strolling over to the window. "Now lets get all this aired out so you two can get on with your day..." she said, forcing the window open, the white smoke that filled the room starting to drift out the window and dissipating in the open air. Without saying another word the girl turned and strolled out of the apartment, made her way down the stairs, and out to the street. She took a long deep breath of air and slowly exhaled it, "I think it's gonna be a fun day!"

(Just a note, anyone can live in that apartment building that wants to, you can reference the music, the smoke, the girl leaving the room you've never seen before, or if you want to wait on it the cops/ambulance later when the wife poisons the husband. Just some suggestions and whatnot.)