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Going to make it into a manga! I need your help with the story line! -Open and Accepting- {Remade}

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At that moment, Ken Sumato was on the roof of a building. He saw a trail of smoke coming from another apartment block, but it didn't really concern him. He had an idea, and it would either result in success or total failure. Only one way to find out, right?

With a bag of flour he had... 'borrowed', Ken planned to ignite it with a bit of fire magic. The resulting explosion should be enough to propel him further than any long jump ever could, with the help of a small amount of levitation to give it a little extra kick. Grinning at the ingenuity of his plan, the freerunner took a few steps back from the edge of the roof and paused for a few moments, letting the wind blow around him. One wrong move and... well, he didn't really want to think too much about what the consequences would be. He wanted to keep going to that school place, especially since it was the closest thing he had to having a roof over his head. With these doubts dealt with, Ken took a running jump off the edge of the roof before letting the flour bag fall at the peak of his jump.

And then he set it alight.

The theory regarding the explosion worked perfectly, even if it did leave a slight burn mark on the building, although maybe the levitation was just plain overkill. In short, Ken was flying through the air. A feat that most would daydream about. In real life, however, it was pretty damn terrifying at such a velocity. Thinking quickly, Ken tried willing his body to hover gently in the air, but it was no use. He was going too fast, and it was only slowing him a little.

Wait, that's it! His bacon may yet be saved!

Ken let himself fall to the ground, but he gradually slowed his descent through the use of levitation magic. This use of power was a little taxing, but saving his life was a pretty fair trade-off. Landing neatly in an alley, he staggered out onto the pavement, glad to be alive. "Never... again..." he gasped, slowly looking up. There was a girl there, with dark hair, and she probably deserved an explanation. "Uh... I was working on some kind of explosive-based propulsion. Yeah, I won't be trying that again." Adjusting the glasses on his face, Ken managed to get a better look at the girl. "Hey, have we met before? You look somewhat familiar..."