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Going to make it into a manga! I need your help with the story line! -Open and Accepting- {Remade}

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Jeremy glanced at the bodyguards that were positioned around him as he walked through the hallways of the mall. He was not happy about the fact that his mother forced him to have the bodyguards come with him. He glared at the bodyguards and crossed his arms. He turned suddenly to enter a store and a bodyguard stopped him. Jeremy glared up at the bodyguard. “Why are you stopping me? I’m not trying to ditch you guys, no matter how much I want to. I’m going into a store, you know the reason why I came to the mall,” he said as he pushed past the bodyguard and walked into the clothing store. The bodyguards followed him into the store and two of them stood next to the entrance while the other two walked next to him, one on either side of him.

Jeremy frowned slightly and ran his hand through his shaggy, blonde hair as he looked through the clothes quietly, trying to ignore the stares and whispers that he was receiving because of the bodyguards. He stopped and turned to the bodyguards. “Back up a little alright? I feel like I can’t breathe with you guys standing there. I’m going to be fine. I honestly don’t believe that anyone here is going to try to kill me with you guys standing five feet away. So please, back up,” he said and turned back to the clothes as the bodyguards back up a few feet.

Jeremy found a few pairs of pants, a few shirts, jackets, and scarves and walked up to the cashier, setting the clothes down on the counter. He smiled softly at the cashier as she asked how he was today, “I’m alright, and you?” The cashier blushed a little and mumbled a soft okay as she rang up his clothes. Jeremy held out his credit card to the cashier, who took it and ran it through the machine and handed it back to him and set the receipt on the counter with a pen for him to sign. As Jeremy signed the receipt, the cashier placed his clothes into a bag and set it on the counter and took the receipt back. Jeremy smiled and took his bag and walked out of the store quietly.