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Setting: Naminoka2011-10-31 21:27:34, as written by Black
The day was young and new, bright autumn sunlight beamed down upon the world. It seeped through the curtains of Ezekiel’s room, flooding and devouring every inch of shadow in sight. He was already up and dressed, currently lying on top of his tidy bed with eyes closed. Hardly one to sleep, Ezekiel had been awake since the early hours of the morning. He was hoping to meet up with Kumi today, time off from school was boring unless spent in the company of someone else. Slowly he opened his eyes and glanced sideways at the clock, ten am. Surely she would be awake by now. Ezekiel jumped from the bed and landed gracefully on the floor, his footsteps as light and silent as a feather. It was a skill which came with sword-work, one had to learn to float above the ground and strike opponents without alerting them. And Ezekiel was a master with a sword. He wasted no time in rushing out the front door, stopping only to lock it behind him. Throwing the key into his pocket, he turned and noticed a girl coming from an apartment.

She seemed vaguely familiar and Ezekiel stopped for a moment to watch her pass. He’d never seen her around here before, but there was a strange feeling of familiarity coming from her. Suddenly it dawned on him, she was one of the four villains, one of his team-mates. The two of them were not on the best of terms though. Ezekiel didn’t bother to talk to her or question why she was in this particular block of apartments (when her’s were the other side of town), he merely watched her leave without making a sound.

He knew the way to Kumi’s house off by heart now, he had visited her many times but never once actually been inside her house. She never invited him in; Ezekiel didn’t complain. He stopped at the crossing, cars rushing by as he eyed the red light. His gaze travelled down to the road, catching sight of Kumi on the other side as the final car passed by.

“Kumi!” As the light turned green, he ran across the road, halting only on the other side as he noticed someone talking to her. Ezekiel frowned, his eyebrows knitting together. He could feel it, the other person’s aura was that of a Crystal Bearer, it had to be as it was so similar to Kumi’s. He didn’t catch the conversation they were having but continued walking towards them slowly and calmly. His expression softened and a friendly smile was back on his face as he stood neck to Kumi.

“Who’s your friend?” Ezekiel questioned, tilting his head like a curious dog. He didn’t wait for an answer, merely turned to Kumi directly and ignored the other boy. “What are you doing today? I thought we could go see a movie or something.” He gave a short sideways glance at the other boy, taking in his features. Blue hair, blue eyes framed by glasses and an all around weak looking appearance. He would be no problem to deal with when the time came. Ezekiel focused his attention back on Kumi now, smiling sweetly at her.