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Setting: Naminoka2011-10-31 22:17:28, as written by Cazuki
Bura walked out his apartment, his hands in his pockets as he quietly observed the area around him. An apartment building, not 10 feet away seemed to have a bit of smoke coming from it and for a moment Bura thought someone was trying to burn the building down. He had seen people crazy enough to do that and he would be damned if he was getting burned alive or trampled to death because of simple neglegence.
Bura looked to the building next to it just in time to see somebody run off a building, exploding something behind them to propel them forwards.

"I hope that guy can fly...'cause i'm not saving him"
he said while smiling slightly, his stomach grumbled and Bura gave a 'tch' sound as he walked on into the streets of Japan, it was packed like normal and as Bura was walking the opposite way that the tide of people was flowing he didn't notice when he hit somebody.
"Oh sorry, i can't see much" Bura said, putting his right hand behind his head.

(Note: Sakura this involves your char)