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Setting: Naminoka2011-11-01 01:46:21, as written by mgoodwin2
Sakura walked down the street from her house thinking about her mom."Maybe I should have woken up a little early to make sure she had breakfast, she usaully doesn't eat if she doesn't have to" speaking to herself."Oh well I'll check on her in a little bit wouldn't want to disturb her hard work." Sakura sighed as she saw the head on crowd of people coming her way. Sakura tried to make her way through the crown as swiftly as she could, but she kept bumping into people. Sakura kept saying sorry to all the people she accidentally walked into, no one in the crown didn't speak back to her or told her they were sorry. Until Sakura knocked into a really tall guy but before she couldn't say anything to him he already said "Oh sorry, I can't see much. " Sakura looked up to see his face "I'm really sorry, I can't really see over this crowd, are you okay?"