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Setting: Naminoka2011-11-01 05:58:06, as written by angelwolf123
It was sunny outside, chilly, but the feeling that the day would warm up later when the sun had a chance to climb higher in the sky. School would start again very soon, so most of Japan's kids were heading out to have one last day of fun, freedom, and mischief before those bells finally rung. There was a restlessness in the air, the kind of feeling drifted about that made even the laziest want to go out and do something today. A chilly breeze tugged playfully at the heavy black curtains gaurding the windows of the roofhouse, to no avail.

It was the kind of day that made Aijou want to go out, as well. However, unlike most kids his age, his plans were far more sinister than drugs and violence. He scowled. Not that anybody took him seriously. Heck, even most members of his own team had decided he was a liability, and only kept him around because he 'entertained' them. The 18-year old scanned his drab house. It was simply, all in shades of grey, black, and white. The roofhouse contained only the necceseties; just the way he liked it. Of course, Aijou had to add the curtains to keep the damned sun out.

Agh. The sun. It was his worst enemy; the reason Aijou was never taken seriously. The breifest touch of it, when undiluted, was enough to burn the top layer of his skin off. The nasty stuff was horrible, simply horrible. If only he could find a way to snuff it out....

Aijou blinked. Enough of impossible talk, time to get ready to go. He had already covered himself up with sunscreen, a jacket/sweater, and a hat. Now all Aijou had to do was slide on his sunglasses, stuff his stethoscope into his bag, and pull out his white anti-UV umbrella. Preparations complete, the villian loped out of his 15-story building gracefully, taking the stairs 4 at a time in an effort to avoid strange looks as much as possible. all of this was in vain, for as soon as Aijou stepped outside the business doors he drew eyes as if he had taken his glasses off. Of course, most people, assuming he had some kind of medical problem, looked away quickly. Then, there were the ones that pointed and snickered amongst themselves. Once, Aijou would have silenced them with a single glance, but now he didn't even bother to waste his time with the likes of them. Thinking of the Crystal Bearers, he knew he had much bigger fish to fry.