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Setting: Naminoka2011-11-01 19:39:01, as written by Black
Kumi laughed, "Well, I was going to go a little cafe in the mall and then buy myself some food for when I'm at home." she turned away and began walking across the street and to the mall.

"Sound's good enough to me." Ezekiel smiled, following his friend and continuing on by her side.

"Mind if I go with you? I won't be too much trouble, honest!" Ezekiel stopped, turning around and eyeing up the blue-haired boy. He wondered why he wanted to come, he didn't seem like a friend to Kumi. In fact it seemed as if the two just met. Ezekiel glanced to the side of him and at Kumi, it didn't look like she was about to turn him down.

Ezekiel sighed. "Sure, I don't mind." he glared momentarily at the boy before turning around and continuing on to the mall. He continuously glanced back at the blue-haired boy, he was a crystal bearer but one which didn't look too challenging to defeat. Ezekiel wondered when he would actually move forward with his plan and not just stay friends with Kumi. He would have to try and speak with the others in order to figure out their next move. It had to be soon, before they grew too powerful. Not that they couldn't handle them at full power, they were just... a little trickier.