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Setting: Naminoka2011-11-01 20:11:32, as written by Cazuki
"I'm really sorry, I can't really see over this crowd, are you okay?"

"Heh" Bura said as the girl aplogized to him "no probleum, i just came to get some breakfast in town and i end up getting sweeped into this massive crowd... sometimes i wish i lived someplace quieter... but then it wouldn't be as fun" he looked around, he wasn't far from the place where he got his breakfast when he couldn't be bothered to cook, Harry's Diner it was called.
"let's get out of this crowd" he said "i don't know where you're going but you shouldn't have to go through this amount of people to get there, if you want food we can go to a place i know about that ain't far from here.