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Setting: Naminoka2011-11-01 22:54:49, as written by Cazuki
"Thank you, you are very kind"
Bura smiled, few people ever called him kind, they always thought him as dangerous because of his powers, though themselves were really no better. Some people at his school could control elements, as he could but really only enough to make a fireball at most, will other dragons could make large jets of fire. They seemed to be the most popular people at the school, but they couldn't take a hit, at least not to the extent that Bura could.

He had been born different. He stopped thinking about it when the girl opened her phone and started talking to someone, then stopping and saying something.
"Sorry about that,I'm Munisaki Sakura, what's yours?"
"Hm... oh the name's Buraki Hitosume, but my friends call me Bura"
If you had many friends which you don't a voice said in his mind
"anyway come on"