Snow White: Reflection

Snow White: Reflection


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is fariest of them all?

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"Lips red as blood,
hair black as night.
Bring my your heart my dear,
dear Snow White."

She had taken all she needed. The lives of many, and the riches of others. Though, she gained power by herself with some help of some dark magic. For it was Queen Lenonia. Or as others called her, The Evil Queen. It was a name that rung throughout the land of Relden. A land that was cherished in the beginning of time.
Many were treated equally, the rich and the poor. All kinds of races. Elves, dwarves, and humans alike. It was a time of rule when the kingdom looked up to their king, King White. A humble man, with a kind look to life. Relden thrived better than other kingdoms, for its way of life was the most unique. Other rulers believed in slavery, while King White believed in equality. Then terror struck. Many others didn't believe this way of life. It was decided that dark magic would step into play. A group formed calling themselves, Sparths. Many creatures belonging to this group lived in the shadows, demons or devlish beings. They wanted their own land, and they would take it. The Sparths attacked, massacring the residents of Relden and setting the many villages on fire. They rose to the palace, taking their revenge on the royalty too. The King feared for his people. He was killed brutely, along with his wife and other royal members. Relden had fallen. Many others ran away from Relden, many stayed but stood away from the Sparth's reach. It was a sad time, until the Sparths left. They had lost much power in a land that had been destroyed.
A new power had risen, a power no one had ever heard of. It was Queen Lenonia. No one had known her, she appeared out of this mist and rebuilt the empire. Relden was brought together again, but not fully. Many people were still seperated. Hiding in the Zerian Forest, or moved to other kingdoms. There was one thing Lenonia wanted, power and beauty. She began to recrute the left men of Relden, to attack other kingdoms. She would take control of the rest of the country and pull it together with her rule. They would call her name, she knew they would. They would bow down to her. She knew.
To help when all else failed, she created another army. One that consisted of Dark Soldiers. Evil beings with black armour, sharp as glass. Oh, but there was one thing standing in her way. Her lust for beauty. Across the land she would kill fair maidens, attack beautiful beings, and destroy many women. Lenonia would become the most radiant Queen there had ever been. She used her dark magic to suck the life out of her victims, filling their beauty into her body. It came to her attention the Sparths missed one thing. The princess. Snow Nethara White. Quickly, she left the baby on the streets, so someone else could deal with the child. Of course Snow White wouldn't remember her family. Why would she? Little did our Evil Queen know, Snow would become the spark of a revolution. Along with the beautiful qualities she would gain.

Snow grows as a peasant. She has a normal life, a huntsman leads her to the Zerian Woods, will he try to kill her not? Will he follow her? She finds the 7 decide what happens next.

Zerian Forest
A forest of many secrets. Many elves live here in clans, along with dwarves hidden beneath the shadow. Other dark creatures live here. Though other sacred creatures live here.

Queen Lenonia's Castle

Character Sheet:

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Snow White-

Mirror- (Ability to step out of the mirror) Reserved

Evil Queen- (Taken by me)



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Dwarf 7-

Other random characters:



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