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Name: Cheyenne Little Bear Balazar (nickname; Cub)
Age: 26
Relation To Cyrus: Asher's Wife
Appearance: Cheyenne stands five feet five inches tall, with a burnt russet colored skin. Native American, she has pure black hair, and deep black eyes. Her lips are plump and curved enough to look like a perpetual pout. High cheekbones stand out on her oval shaped face. Her body is well proportioned, with well endowed female attributes. She has her navel pierced, and quite a few tattoos. One tattoo is of a black bear on her ankle, not very big, but very detailed. On her hipbone, she has a bear paw print. Her back has a black and purple dream catcher, and her wrist sports a sun and moon design.
Normal Duties/Job: Cheyenne is a stripper and a con-artist who takes men to their homes or cars and robs them blind. She learned this from Rosemary. She also helps Cyrus and Angela keep the house clean, and she tries to help Kerrie gathering clients and organizing the movies.
History: Cheyenne grew up on a reservation in Wisconsin, and had her first job in the Pottawatomie casino that her tribe owned. She started dating a member of the security staff who enjoyed hurting the people that did something wrong and she found that she enjoyed it as well. Soon, she began to look for troubles, at eighteen she was going to bars and picking fights just so that she could hurt someone. At nineteen, she was brutally attacked when she wasn't expecting it, and after that, she began carrying around a hunting knife. Two weeks later, she killed her first victim and found that she loved it. At twenty-two she saw her first snuff film and found that she really liked it, and wanted to star in one. Before she could get to that, the girl was caught stabbing one of her victims. After spending quite some time pulling the same defense Aileen Wuornos did, she was sentenced to five years in jail. In all, she spent two and a half, getting out early on good behavior. She wears her prison term as a badge of honor, something that shows that she is as hard as anyone in the family. When she got out, she sought out the best creators of snuff films. That was where she met Asher, and her attraction ignited.
Random Facts: Cheyenne doesn't believe in holding Asher back, believing that so long as he comes home to her, things are working best. After having spent time acting through high school, she is an amazing actress.


Cheyenne is an open minded woman. She loves to torture and kill people. When it comes to her husband, she loves with all her heart. That allows her to keep him on a loose leash, accepting his penchant for drugs, other women, and killing. She keeps him happy in bed and coming back to her, with her enjoyment of being raped as well.

So begins...

Cheyenne Balazar's Story