The Balazar householdCheyenne Little Bear Blackwater

A cub and a mama bear all rolled into one deadly package.

a character in “So Glad for the Madness”, as played by Sweet Angel Jocelyn

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Name: Cheyenne Little Bear Blackwater (nickname; Cub)
Age: 26
Relation To Cyrus: Lover
Appearance: Cheyenne stands five feet five inches tall, with a burnt russet colored skin. Native American, she has pure black hair, and deep black eyes. Her lips are plump and curved enough to look like a perpetual pout. High cheekbones stand out on her oval shaped face. Her body is well proportioned, with well endowed female attributes. She has her navel pierced, and quite a few tattoos. One tattoo is a snake, wrapping around her abdomen over her ribs, with the head of this creature stopping to rest in the cleavage of her left breast. She has a paw print tattooed on her hip. She has two other snake tattoos, both in intimate places on her body, one on her inner thigh, the other very low on her pelvic bone. All the snakes are a way for her to be marked as Cyrus's.
Normal Duties/Job: Cheyenne is a stripper and a con-artist who takes men to their homes or cars and robs them blind. She learned this from Rosemary. She also helps Cyrus and Angela keep the house clean, and she tries to help Kerrie gathering clients and organizing the movies.
History: Cheyenne grew up on a reservation in Wisconsin, and had her first job in the Pottawatomie casino that her tribe owned. She started dating a member of the security staff who enjoyed hurting the people that did something wrong and she found that she enjoyed it as well. Soon, she began to look for troubles, at eighteen she was going to bars and picking fights just so that she could hurt someone. At nineteen, she was brutally attacked when she wasn't expecting it, and after that, she began carrying around a hunting knife. Two weeks later, she killed her first victim and found that she loved it. At twenty-two she saw her first snuff film and found that she really liked it, and wanted to star in one. So, she went looking for the people that made it. She found Cyrus two years later, and convinced him to let her kill someone on film. It was love after that, and while many thought that they should marry, she was convinced that you shouldn't try to fix what was broken. She was happy playing house with him, taking care of him and his business, and family. She grew to care for his kids, at first because he loved them, then because she actually grew to like the girls. She would kill and die for her family, and has been known to do the killing when the mood strikes her.
Random Facts: Cheyenne wants a family of her own, a child of her own, but she hasn't told Cyrus.


Cheyenne is a nice person, who just enjoys hurting people. She likes to torture people and doesn't hide that from the family. She doesn't always smile, and her moods can vary drastically but that doesn't stop people from being drawn to her easily. She prefers the more personal touch of being close to the victim, slashing, stabbing, slicing. It makes her brighten more than most things.

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Cheyenne Little Bear Blackwater's Story