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Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Sojourn of the Astral Providence

It is the year 1100 Stellar Expanse (SE). Free Trade and Piracy dominate interstellar travel while corporations, sovereigns, and peoples vie for control of planets, asteroids, and stars. Plan cunningly, talk smooth, aim well, fly fast.

2044 readers have visited this universe since Andreis created it.
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Before the Age of Stellar Expansion there was the Age of New Horizons.

It was a time that is said to have seen humanity scattered to far-flung reaches of the Milky Way in a great surge of innovation following the first FTL flight. It is known that after the invention of the Psiastral Shift Drive... after the first dive into the thought-echoing reaches between universes... the phenomena of Psionics emerged across known space. Some believe that penetrating the boundaries of our universe wrought some great inexorable change in the fabric of reality. Yet the benefits of FTL travel outweighed the risks for many, especially the corporations to whom trade routes were lifeblood.

In the Age of Stellar Expansion, this is our dogma.

In the galactic spiral arm Orion lies the ancient cradle of humanity: The Sol System. Within it, earth lies as a pale yellow dot of toxified atmosphere and barren wastes. What habitability remains is relegated to domes and enclosures far away from the blast-furnace equator. A ring of debris and stations marks it's place in the sky as one of technology, but all who remain now are dejected historians, scavengers, and those who cannot leave. No one is sure when or how it happened but Castellano Heavy Industries lays legal claim to earth; says they purchased it during the collapse of the last global government before The Exodus. No one has successfully posed a counter-argument. Earth is a distant echo of stories and legends for most, now, a place of ancestral heritage and nothing more. Images of earth before The Exodus and even further before that are released occasionally by Castellano Heavy Industries, eventually becoming souvenirs and collectibles, rather than amazing findings of an ancient time. Little else of Sol is occupied beyond the colonies of Saturn's and Jupiter's moons; man's first sojourns into interplanetary permanency.

As for you, Traveler, you will begin your story much the same as folk of old.

You will begin your story in the Sol system. On a landing platform high above the metropolitan surface of Saturn's moon, Titan, there stands a woman whom you have heard little of but have heard much from. Emlie Graves, captain of the Free-trade vessel The Astral Providence, shared a proposition with careful mouths to spread to worthy crew - a long journey and a lot of money. Light cargo. Above board. A thousand credits at the start, ten thousand on arrival. Either the careful mouths were less careful and Captain Graves trust and vouch misplaced or careful mouths saw you as worthy crew. Whatever the fates may be, you stand now staring at the scar-sneered visage of a tall, dark haired woman with a gun and truncheon worn scarcely hidden beneath the swing of her timeworn overcoat. Hips cocked, armed crossed, and keen eyes assess you.

Who are you, traveler?


1. This is SciFi: Technology & Plot power can be used to abridge realistic limitations but one should use this power wisely. It is a balm to ease story progression, not a beat-stick to make you feel powerful.

2. That being said, you don't have to be a tech nerd to play in this. Technology is a means to an end. That end? Great story.

3. Psionics are a pretty cool and can affect the mind. Psions can see, hear, or sense things that others cannot: Distant Spaces, Times, or Events; Thoughts or Feelings; or maybe premonitions that they cannot interpret. There are also special psionically reactive materials. Bending space (Kinesis)? Not so much.

4. I am not picky about tech. There are thousands of corporations among the stars who could have made your gear.

5. Make hard choices. Yeah, you could have a medical gel that almost instantly heals wounds but that's the easy choice. If it exists, what is limiting it's availability? Is it just way too much money or is there only one place to get it?

6. Limitations make for better story. No infinite stuff.

7. Character Submissions should consider the following. These are not rules, so much as guidelines.

-- a. The Astral Providence is a light freighter vessel with accommodation for up to eight people.
-- b. Skeleton Crew is typically a Pilot, Navigator, & Engineer
-- c. Full Crew is typically the Captain, a Pilot, a Navigator, a Systems Technician, a Tactician, an Engine Technician, and a Power-Core Technician.
-- d. Additionally, free-traders see a lot of use out of Brokers, Negotiators, individuals skilled in Extra-vehicular activity, thugs, Marksman, and Jury Riggers.
-- e. Humans have branched into a lot of strange varieties, either via genetic engineering or colony world diets. There are also psions and cyborgs, though both are pretty equally distrusted in many locales.

8. Format Information - What I have used.
Font: Cambria
Code: Select all

Size: 75 to 150
Code: Select all

Code: Select all
[size=130]Character Name[/size]

[size=110]Post body[/size][/font]

Character Profile:
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[Things you could include: First Impressions / Personality / What's underneath / What do they do? / Where are they from?]

[b]Physical Description[/b]
[A Paragraph describing how the character looks, stands out, or sizes up.]

[Accessories, Armor, Weapons, etc.]

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Character Portrait: Emilie Graves A scar-sneered visage and keen blue eyes assess you with surface deep amusement
Character Portrait: 'Needle' JEFFERSON His gaze falters, flickering from you to the view of the stars through the window.
Character Portrait: Nathaniel Hunter Engines are my game!
Character Portrait: Blue Hershall She bundles her cloud of hair away from her face, sneaking glances from underneath her eyelashes.
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Sol by Andreis

The Cradle of Humanity looks much as it did in olden days but earth is no longer a pale blue dot. It is a pale yellow dot with a ring of scrap and stations.

Galactic Ambitions

Galactic Ambitions by Andreis

The Milky-way Galaxy Stretches before you, an endless sea of stars in a great dance. Mysteries of times lost lay beyond the familiarity of the Orion Spur but what dangers lie with them?

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Titan Space Dock: Landing Pad 14
Aimery Slora

Aimery had just reached out a curious finger to navigate the interface when a comm came on. The girl flinched back, realizing quickly that it was the captain that spoke and not a fussy helm interface. She let loose a thankful exhale, tossing one last wistful glance towards the helm before slipping out on silent feet.

She made her way back down the hallway, passing Blue and Nate on the way. She gave them a curious glance, and a formal nod. Aimery decided that it was best to mind her own business for now. She tried to figure out the way back to where they were lodging, and luckily the ship's simple design allowed her to find her way around easily enough. Opening a door to what would hopefully be her room- it was- Aimery sized up the quarters. They were nicer than anything she'd lived in since her parents had split, and she gratefully made her way inside to sit for a moment.

Fifteen minutes.

Aft of the cabins, midship.

The blonde wasted no time. After all, she had nothing to impact, no sentimental items to gaze upon and reflect. She stood, smoothing out the wrinkled bed, and entered the ship once again. Finding her way should be easy enough- aft of cabins, midship- and it would only get easier with time, ideally.

She wondered what the captain had in store for them.


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Titan Space Dock: Landing Pad 14
Astral Providence Commons Room

Emlie Graves

Silence reigned in the wake of the announcement and for a moment Emilie Graves hardly dared to breathe lest she disturb the stillness. The background hum of power conduits underscored the stillness, giving it a familiar life and warmth that subconsciously drew a smile across Captain Grave's features. Her sharp eyes tracked around the quaint common room of the Astral Providence, small trinkets in the shapes of mythical beasts staring back. She gave them a sly look and breathed out a chuckle. "It'll be fine" she said aloud to no one in particular and took a seat at the table. Then, she rested her elbows on the table, interlaced her fingers and very slightly rested her chin. It'll be fine she said again inside her head, took a deep measured breath and closed her eyes.

It couldn't have been ten minutes before the click of a bulkhead broke the silence and Emilie looked up to see Aimery walk in. She wondered, silently, if maybe she had fallen asleep, and shook her wrist twice, looking down at the tiny holographic display. She stood as she did this and gestured to the table.

"Take a seat if you like, Aimery" She said with a slight smile and sat back down. Only a few moments later, both Blue and Nate came in as well, looking a little awkward: almost like highschoolers who had an odd interaction. Emilie raised a bifuricated eyebrow and smirked, gesturing to the table. "Good of you to join us. Take a seat if you like."

She looked back at the door and listened, seeming lost in thought for a moment, and then turned to look at the three present again. "Did you all find your quarters alright?" She asked amicably. The hard visage from earlier was nearly gone.


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Titan Space Dock: Landing Pad 14
Astral Providence Commons Room

Nate Hunter

Nate nodded to the Captain as he and Blue entered the commons room and took a seat at the table. He looked to Blue and Aimery as the Captain asked her question he paused a moment to let the ladies reply, when they didn't he spoke.
"Yes Ma'am, I know I did" he replied then looked around the small but efficient room and noted the trinkets collected here and there.
"If I may say so" he started gently "The ship looks very well maintained"

Sojourn of the Astral Providence: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

As far as I know the Rp is still open, I suggest you add a character if you can. Or if you want to, try and get in touch with the Gm.

The holidays are notorious for throwing things off here for a short while, but everyone should be back.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Hello, don't know if this is still going, but I was interested in it if there are open spots remaining.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Hello there is this still open. I'd love to play an engineer of some sort if you still need one!

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

No idea, I got sick for a few days, and the doctor gave me some medicine that apparently came with the warning "don't make any plans" on the side...

So yeah, my last few days have been uneventful.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

>.> Ohkay so, uh, I'm all game for life happening but I disappeared for like.. 10 days and there has been 0 activity besides Oborosen responding to my idea. Thank you, by the way, Oborosen.

What's going on? :c

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

GM'ing him into the background is fine by me. A story arch like the first idea might just confuse things at a later point.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Are you still looking for crew? If so I think we can help each other. I know people, people looking for work. You tell me what you need... and I see they find their way to you. For a price of course. I look forward to hearing from you.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Well we have an issue to address first that might help you figure out where you come in.

Our Pilot is Gone

We need a plot hook to explain why our current one went missing.

1. We do a big scene where a group of people from [someone]'s past arrive at dock to get payback or collect on something. In the ensuing events, Jack gets injured and holds them as we leave. Does he survive? Does he not? Well its ambiguous and if he ever shows back up, then he is free to rejoin from a separate plot hook.

2. I GM Jack as background from here until the next colony. NPC him if you will. On the next colony, Jack disappears and we have no idea where. We're on a timer for X, Y, or Z reason and we run out of time.


Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Right on! Ship ahoy!
Can't wait to RP with everyone. Love the characters so far.

I was wondering that, too. Should Knux be already on the ship? Or would he be picked up somewhere? I'm fine with either option.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Sorry about the disappearance. I was away for the weekend and very lazy beforehand.

I forgive you, Oborosen. I sent you a PM with character feedback.

Yonbibuns I've sent you a PM as well.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Apologies for not getting done sooner, I was working most of the day and our computers went down before I even came in for my shift.

I was also going to ask how you would like my character to be introduced.
Either I could do it, or you could seeing as you are the one running the story.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

@Andreis do you think we need a medic character? i have a fun idea but i don't know if you want to introduce more characters into the story

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Oborosen wrote:I am currently working, but I will work on my character between orders.

Beautiful. :)
I look forward to your submission. <3

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

I am currently working, but I will work on my character between orders.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Responding once a week is completely fine, I work from a desk so access to the site is never really out of my reach.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Sounds good to me!

I can actually post a little more often than that so if you'd like me to take on a second character so we can have more plot ideas I'd be totally up for that.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Oh no worries. I think I may ask if we can all commit to respond at least once a week?

Does that seem fair?

That means we can expect to cycle through at least every 2 weeks.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Sorry everyone I was trying to let the others post, and I have a new job that I'm getting ready to move for.
So with that said I will continue to post but I may be slow, if that is ok.

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

@Oborosen - I hate to give up on Acoustic, but we might need a new Pilot quite soon if they don't end up returning. Otherwise, I think a medic of some sort or possibly a merchant could be quite useful!

I finally posted again once I realized that waiting on Acoustic was going to waste time. Sorry for being so late, everyone!

Re: Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Any position that you currently need filling?