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Sojourn of the Astral Providence

Galactic Ambitions

a part of Sojourn of the Astral Providence, by Andreis.

The Milky-way Galaxy Stretches before you, an endless sea of stars in a great dance. Mysteries of times lost lay beyond the familiarity of the Orion Spur but what dangers lie with them?

Andreis holds sovereignty over Galactic Ambitions, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Galactic Ambitions is a part of Sojourn of the Astral Providence.

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As far as anyone is concerned, all life emanates from the Sol System of the Orion Spur and all star-charts of the Orion Spur center on the Sol System. We know that folk have ventured beyond those charts, however, but what happened to them we are ignorant of. Corporations, Governments, Peoples, and Sovereigns vie for control of star systems and worlds in this sector of space whether to be terraformed and colonized, resource extracted, or used as a base of operations.