Kyle McLoughton

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a character in “Somewhere Among the Stars”, originally authored by Weilacca, as played by RolePlayGateway


Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Homo elementum ("Elementum")

Eye Color: Left eye Green, Right eye Grey.

Hair: Brown

Special Feature: Hair style (covering left side of face)

Body Type: Thin.

Occupation: Mercenary/Terrorist

Kyle is the kind of person who doesn't really give a shit about anything or anyone. His emotionless face and voice can be seen as annoying, but also saddening due to the fact that something would have caused the lack of emotion.
Although laid back and carefree, Kyle has a very short temper. Normally lashing out with a kick to vent out any anger.
When fighting, Kyle has a high possibility of loosing his sanity, causing him to become a bloodthirsty killer with the only intent as to murder anything in his path.

Special Skill: The Elementum power over Sound.
Synchronisation = Vortex/Tornado of sound waves surrounding the body. 30 minute time limit.
Element mode = Experimental, still not fully mastered. Will be shown in the RP.
Synchronised Elment Mode = Theorised, not yet possible. May be shown in the RP.

Battle Notes: Kyle usually uses his body to fight. Mainly his legs. His very agile movements can be the main acts of offense, especially when using his powers to move at the speed of sound. However, he doesn't hold a very good stamina, so would avoid major movements.

Bio: To be Revealed.

So begins...

Kyle McLoughton's Story


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0.00 INK

Kyle and Eve wondered through the city streets aimlessly. They had come here for a small rest and maybe some mercenary jobs, then leave yet again to continue their adventure across the galaxy.
Kyle could be seen, slouching as he walked, his hands stuffed into his formal trouser pockets. The slight breeze blew his undone suit slightly with the blue tie slapping lightly against the white shirt. His grey eye, half closed, scanned over the area. Looking at people and trying to figure them out. It's something easy to do.
Eve, on the other hand, was skipping slightly, her hands behind her back. Her white and blue dress fluttered in the wind as her long blue hair -stretching down to her calves- joined it. She was busy smiling in amasement at all of the shops and strange people they see.
"...So these are humans!?" Eve questioned, her high voice was easy to hear in Kyle's sensitive ears.
"Yeah. Now I see why humans have 1 element unit. They are soo weak." Kyle replied in a monotoned voice, seemingly annoyed or bored.
"It's been a while since we left the Elementum territory. It isn't far from here, why don't we pay a visit?"
"Because the reason we are travelling is because they alienated me and exiled me."
"Well... ever since your Synchronisation incident, I don't blame them. But really, it's silly to kick you out. As someone with such an unnaturally high Element unit, it's understandable that you lost control."
Kyle didn't answer, she was right. But within the few years he had learned to control his Synchronisation, along with figuring out a new way to use his powers without risking death.

After a few moments of wondering around, the two had met the scene of what seemed to be a fight. Three people easily stood out from the crowd, along with a few knocked out or dead humans. This was nothing to concern the two mercenaries, 'Whisper'. And so, they continued.
"Seekers..." Kyle mumbled,
"Hm? The guys searching for a Nexus or something? That sounds like a large sum of money!" Eve replied,
"I'm not interested in that. We haven't even been hired to do that."
"But isn't Nexus some place that give the seeker a massive amount of power?"
"That's a rumour..."
"It could be true! C'mon! Let's find that place! It won't be a waste of your precious time, because we could always sell it!"
"I don't even know where to start..." Kyle sighed with annoyace, finding the two passing close by the other three seekers, directly in earshot.
"Then ask them!"
"I refuse..."

The two continued, ignoring what had happened and searching for a job. Maybe even an information broker about the Nexus.

The setting changes from city-of-bells to Temple of Emotion

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0.00 INK

Inside the massive mosaic temple, strange buzzing and loud sounds could be heard. Along with the roars of a strange creature. Most of the class had been smashed, along with a part of the roof being ripped open to allow a massive sound vortex to rip it's way through. However, as quick as it appeared, it also dissipated into nothing. Leaving the temple is a smashed up broken state.

Inside the main room stood three beings, one of which was a massive bulky creature, panting heavily as it stood in a pool of blood. Suddenly, it fell to the ground, the breathing had stopped along with the heart. The other two beings were the Elementum mercenaries, Kyle and Eve. Eve was standing back from the other two, her hands clapping while she smiled a great proud smile. "Well done, Kyle~!" She pulled a tissue from her satchel and held it out to her partner as she skipped towards him, "Although, it would be nice if you put on a proper show instead of holding back~"

Kyle turned around towards his partner, his breathing was a little faster than usual and his face covered in blood. He had used his Synchronisation to make things faster, proof of this was the source of the bleeding which had quickly stopped as soon as the Synchronisation was deactivated; His eyes, nose and mouth were the sources of the trails of blood down his face. It was a good thing he removed the top half of his clothing, otherwise they would be dirtied. "Nah, it wasn't that much of an effort. This kind of test was pretty boring..." He replied as he accepted the tissue, wiping his face clean of blood before throwing it on the floor. Along with that, he received his clothes from Eve and placed them back on his body, perfectly well done to look as formal as possible in the suit. "Now then..." He turned around to face the statue of a woman, holding a sword -the key fragment of Emotion-.

Stepping up onto the podium of which the statue was set on, Kyle placed his hands over the hilt and quickly pulled it out of the perfectly shaped hand, holding it with the blade rested on his other hand. "Is this it? Seems pretty dull..." He was expecting something else, like the statue attacking the two or something. Oh well...
Eve, who had been looking around the place with her hands behind her back spoke up; "Geez, Kyle... You wrecked this place! And our contractor said that others are on the way here..."
"I don't really care..." Kyle replied as he hopped down from the podium, walking towards the exit, holding the sword in one hand with his other holding a contacting device to his ear.
"Yeah, I got it. Get 'ere and give us the pay, then we'll head off to the next place."

The two were sitting in front of their ship outside of the temple, Eve standing with her hands behind her back and a great smile on her face. Her long blue hair and blue dress flowed in the breeze caused by a landing ship. Kyle, on the other hand, was crouching down on the floor, holding the sword over his shoulder.
As the ship opened, Kyle stood, walking towards the entrance to see a strange man, covered in shadows. "Right, give the money first."
A bag of money was thrown to the floor in front of Kyle, a pale, wrinkled hand followed, opened to receive the sword. "Here..." Kyle placed the hilt in the hand, allowing it to quickly retract into the ship. A piece of paper was thrown to the ground before the ship closed up and lifted off to return to it's home.
Taking the bag of money and throwing it to Eve to place in her satchel, Kyle opened the folded paper and read it. 'The next place is Ysailun, the Temple of Peace. Make sure you don't break my ship.' Kyle blew a little more air through his nose to show laughter before heading off to the ship, followed by the giddy, smiling Eve.

"We're going to Ysailun."

The setting changes from temple-of-emotion to Ysailun


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0.00 INK

A middle aged man, dressed in rags was pushed and held against a wall by Kyle's foot. Kyle was showing amazing flexibility, with his leg held up high enough for the foot to press against the man's throat, while Kyle still managed to hold his face close to the other's.
"Awww... You guys got my sword dirty~" Eve sighed as she swung her sword to flick the blood off of it, placing it back into her sheathe as she stepped over five fresh corpses, mutilated beyond description.
The man squeeked a little in fear before he spoke out towards Kyle, "I-I-I'm sorry! I d-didn't know you were E-Elementum... I-I'm sorry for stabbing you!"
"You shouldn't have tried to gang up on us to mug us then, pathetic Human." Kyle replied in monotone, his face showing no emotion while his eye stared straight into the man's, as if it were staring into his soul.
"P-please... D-don't turn me into one of... t-them!" The man pleaded as he gestured to the corpses,
"That depends, tell me about the Temple of Peace. Where can I find the city of Kindan Vhil?" Kyle demanded, pressing his foot forward a bit more,
"Ugh! I-It's north from here, hard to miss, it's a floating city!"
"What about the Temple? What test is there?"
"I have no idea! B-but I know someone who does! The leader of the bandit group I'm in used to be a seeker before he was deterred by the Temple of Peace, the first Temple he visited!"
"Where is he?"
"I-In the floating city, the abandoned werehouses."

Kyle released his foot and kicked the man to the ground, "Y-you'll let me live now?" The man questioned, his trousers wettened from his own urine which had appeared through fear.
"You won't give word about us." Kyle demanded, looking down to the man, his eye showing pity.
"Of course! I don't even know you! Who are you? Can I help? I've never met you before!"
"You're lying." Kyle muttered, hearing the further increased heartbeat of the man along with the small change in the man's eyes.
"Wai-" CRACK! Kyle swung his foot towards the man's head, snapping his neck. He then turned away, heading towards his spaceship to get to the city.

"Let's go, Eve, we gotta find this idiot."