AnywhereAuix the Wolf

A necromacer that takes care of Nan

a character in “Sonic FreeRealm”, as played by TravlersTails

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Auix is a tall, and broad shouldered. He wears necromacer's coat, which is red, with black buttons, and another, smaller and open, to show the other coat under it. He has tubes that go though the fabric of his undercoat, attached to his lungs that help him breath better. He wears shades, and never reveals his eyes to anyone for a unknown reason. He kepts his long black hair tied in a pony tail, and his tail is no more than a piece of fuzz since it got cut off a long time ago, he has claws of the end of his fingers (that he can take off, of course). He has sharp teeth and creeps people out when he smiles.


Auix is very laied back, and he can very, very creepy sometimes. He is a little eccentric, unable to to go outside because of his lung condition that he has, so he often rants about how he can't protect Nan, and how he failed to protect Renik, also. He can be very serious sometimes, with and a little cruel. He has many scars in his life that has made him sadistic, even though he dosent know that he 's hurting someone. He has a seperate personality when he gets hit in the head, called Altus, which often tried to kill whatever he sees, and screams about nonsence. Auixs feels like he is a threat to Nan, so he keeps himself locked up in his study alot.


Auix is a necromacer, he really dosen't need any equipment, just his mind.


Auix was born in a remote village in the moutians, stolen by theives to sell as a slave. He was sold to a rich man, who taught him how to read and write, but the man's wife beat him alot. Auix soon developed Altus, and killed the rich man's wife, and fled to the city. He became a theive and stole books from a library near him. After many years, Altus took his mind for a while and killed 28 people for no reason, then once Altus was discover, reverted back to Auix and was jailed. After 19 years of jail time, a woman appeared and paid a bail that he didn't know existed. She asked him to be her apprentice, and so he accepted this. He learned that her name was Ritzina, and she had two daughters, Renia and Rezina, and a set of twins, Nan and Renik. Suddenly, after only a few years of teaching, she disapeared, leaving him to take care of her children, and soon her daughters had disapeared, leaving Nan and Renik. When Renik became older, he "disapeared", running away from Auix, since he hated being controlled by him. Auix blames himself for that, and so now he stays with Nan until he she, too, leaves him.

So begins...

Auix the Wolf's Story