AnywhereNan the Cat

A cat with two tails attached with a ring, and gaurd a ancient ring

a character in “Sonic FreeRealm”, as played by TravlersTails

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Nan has white fur, with silver hair, cut at a angle. She has two earings on her left side, and three on her right, and she wears a pair of glasses that she will be blind without. She wears a white trench coat, with brass bottons and a tie around belt, she also wears a blouse underneath it. She wears a gold chain around her neck, no charms on it at all, and her gloves are black and fingerless. She has black pants, and black shoe. Her eyes are a ruby red, and she often has a scowl. Her tails are intertwinded with eachother, a ring that is gold with a twisted piece of silver wrapped around it.


She is blunt and sarcastic, not a pleasent person, but you just kind of have to get to know her. She gets angry when chlidren are hurt, or her friends for that matter. She can be calm in situation, often giving negitive examples of what could happen, like they all died, or someone died, and exatra. She is also smart, creating invetions and serval machines that she uses against those who are he enemies.

She has a short temper, and when she gets going, she dosen't stop.


Nan carries a death sife that she uses when her family or friends are danger. It is able to send out waves of energy if she swings it really fast. She dosen't get it right away, she has to call it from her ansestors graves, and then she uses it it after it kind of "floats".


Nan was born and abandond with her twin brother, Renik, and adopted by a woman name Ritzina, and her two daughters, Reniza and Renia. Ritzina suddenly disapeared, so her student at the time, Auix took care of them. Renik, many years later join a group of necromacers and disapeared, leaving Nan with Auix, Reniza, and Renia. They taught her how to use necromancy, alchemy, and how to be a Shigami, or deathgod. they too disapeared, and Nan and Auix were the only ones left, so they protect eachother, hoping that they won't be the next.

So begins...

Nan the Cat's Story