Sons of the Taint

Sons of the Taint


The peaceful nation of Lune has struck out with force never seen before. Destroying everything in their path bringing the other nations together to hold the line. Bonds will be formed on the battle field. But will the line hold against the power of Lune

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Lune, Ignis, Terra, Ven, Aquom, Sol, and Kronos. The seven nations live in peace the wealthest being Lune. Their ruler was a kind and noble king who believed in the people. He gave his wealth to the nation rather then hoarding it for himself. The kingdom rejoiced at the birth to three strong healthy boys. Lunos, Raven, and Drakan the three brothers excelled at anything they did but each took their own routes to better themselve. Raven focused on the art of magic becoming reknowned as a master before turning twelve, Drakan joined the military quickly rising the ranks to General. However Lunos buried himself in books learning everything he could about the past, taking in everything he could magic, swordplay all of it were tools for him to understand the past. But some things should stay buried in the past. Things like devils and gods of old fallen empires. The king of Lune became ill and soon died allowing Lunos to ascend to the throne. Thats when the shadows began to hang over the kingdoms.

Three years later the people of Lune were heavily taxed as their military grew large. Then the unexpected happened Lune attacked Ven tearring through the country like paper. One week was all it took for them to burn Ven to the ground. In one month every country had been attacked by Lune. All the nations decided it was time to end this with a single assault. The combined forces were several thousand strong but the unforseen happened Lune had used magic to raise an army of the dead and devils. This is where the story begins how will the world stand before the darkness will it fall and decay or will it create a light that shines brightly from the hearts of those who will fight.

The Assault of Lune

The united attack force was divided into 264 groups.
001-120 were the main attack force composed swordsmen, magic, and archers.
121-200 the battle mage forces
201-235 defence mage scattered between the other mages to provide support who ever they can
236-264 medical teams
and several volunteer groups

player skeleton
appearnce: anime only please
unit number
class:(soldier, mage, archer, rouge, healer, medic)
other(likes, dislikes, hobbies, ect)

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