Mt. OlympusAllison Carrie Priest

"I'm NOT perfect!"

a character in “Soul Mates- Saving the World”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Allison Carrie Priest

Age: 17

Soul mate: *Has yet to be chosen*



Personality: Allison absolutely HATES perfect, as she is considered to be this. She’s a big risk taker, often taking a lot of risks to do something, mainly proving she’s not perfect, but is often very reckless. She has started to yell at people if they praise her too much and this has caused her to have a bit of a short fuse. She doesn’t like boys much, especially those who have an interest in her, as she assumes that they only like her for her status. She hates others protecting her, but will allow others to help her, even let them do the work because it may just be so easy she’s bored of it. She’s very blasé as a result of having not many challenges, so she often just blows things off. Many assume her to be stuck up for this, but they never say anything to her, believing she wouldn’t listen. She doesn’t have much respect for others, but will have some for those who really work hard. She also has a lot of respect for animals, who she mainly has to gain their trust for, instead of them just liking her instantly.

She absolutely loves someone criticizing her, telling her about her mistakes, or even insulting her. Just anything other than the ass-kissing that she always gets. She often makes things more harder than they are just to give herself a challenge for once, but often she goes over-board with this, taking too much than she can chew. She almost never feels accomplished, but will always say how others worked harder than her.

Likes: People saying her faults and things bad about her, people not calling her “perfect”, people letting her be independent, an actual challenge, hard working people, knowing people disliking her, animals, actual friends who don’t just like her for her status.

Dislikes: Lots of blatant praise and ass-kissing, being called “humble”, having no challenges, the word “perfect” and all that’s associated with it with a very hateful fury, most boys, people only liking her for her status.


Weapon you will be trained in:A whip That she nicknamed "Venom".

Skill you already have: She has the ability to make everyone’s flaws more exaggerated, like if someone was clumsy, they’d be bumping into everything.


History: Allison is a girl who is deemed “perfect” by her peers, having the “perfect” looks, grades, parents, everything. She’s even very popular. Many people want to be in her position and she really wants to be in theirs. You see, she hates being “perfect”, and tries to get out of her status as this, but all everyone sees in the end is this perfect girl. She hates this, as everyone always misses the moment where she actually does something not seen as perfect and no one believes her when she says she made a mistake as they think she’s being “humble”.

Allison was actually rather unpopular in her old school in elementary and middle school, being very unpopular and actually wishing that she was popular. When she moved and went to highschool, she gave herself a complete makeover that she now regrets and wishes she could be “average” again, as at least they have flaws.

And no one even acknowledges her obvious flaws! She’s even attempted to try to change her looks drastically, not matching clothes, crazy make-up, even dying her hair in crazy colors… Right on the day when there was an assembly about “not judging people on looks”. She was called a genius, and she called them colorful words under her breath.

And then the events of the plot happened when she was attempting to figure out what the hardest way to do her homework was. While she was very shocked and perhaps scared, she is, deep down, having the time of her life… Though will she be perfect here too? Or will she finally get the challenge she wants?

So begins...

Allison Carrie Priest's Story