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a character in “Soul Mates- Saving the World”, as played by dawnfire07

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Name: Ryna Grace

Age: 15

Soul mate: Will be decided in ooc

Pic: Image Image

Weapon: Long dagger

Skill: extremely smart and accurate; agile

Personality: She absolutely hates girly-girl things. In fact, the only thing girly about her is her fashion diva nature, her hair, and her passion for singing and dancing.(Which she is really good at.) She hates it when people make fun of her hair and won't be afraid to beat you up if you make her mad. She is tough and sporty, but she loves fashion and singing. She is popular in school, but she is still a normal person and isn't affected by all the praise she gets. She always has time for her friends, popular or not.

Animals(More like loves)

Snobby/Stuck up people
Girly things

History: She lived in France until her 8th birthday, and her mother always forced her to take balay and singing classes. Her mother made her e as girly as possible, which resulted in her deep hatred for girly things. Now she's just a regular kid going to high school.

Other: She knows how to speak french

So begins...

Ryna Grace's Story