VileaCal Korin

The Heir to the Throne, sadistic, evil, and powerful.

a character in “Soul Warriors”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Gender: Male
Area of residence: Scassia the palace

Appearence: ... y.jpg?=123

He's of average hieght and build slightly muscular.


He’s naturally very cocky and his humor is quite dark, being the son of the king only makes him stronger as his father has put him through strict teaching to make him a powerful warrior and assassin. He doesn’t have any friends and tends to force slaves to be his friends occasionally he kills them out of boredom. Cal is very sadistic and enjoys when a person begs for mercy, his father has always taught him to show no mercy, and so he never does. He is entirely loyal to his father, has been brainwashed into following his ideals, and is the heir to the throne.


Weapon of choice: Dual daggers sometimes with a hint of poison


Cal's father is the King of Vilea, the corrupted, evil ruler raised Cal in such a way that Cal believes in his father's ideals, crush opposition and you can rule the land peacefully for generations. Cal is that next generation, he is the eldest and only son of the King and is to be the Heir to the throne. He has been raised hashly, taking many lessons in both acedemics and fighting technique. His lessons and punishments from his Father were torturous and bred an evil sadistic child that loves to hear people beg for their life. Cal doesn't know that anything is wrong when he does something bad, his morals are twisted from the brainwashing of his father. He will do anything for his Father. About a month before our story begins The King's scouts came across one of the legendary weapons, the Twin Daggers. Unwilling to take on the curse of madness that comes with most of the spirit weapons the King gave the daggers to his son who accepted them eagerly sealing himself to the weapons. His father knowing the legendary weapons were awakening sends Cal on a mission to find the others and gather them for the King's generals so he can have the greatest weapons known to men fighting for him. Cal leaves the Palace and is off searching for the weapons planning on killing anyone who gets in his way.

So begins...

Cal Korin's Story