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As a social experiment, over one thousand students have been gathered to a school to see if they can find and love their supposed soul mate.

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Setting: Academy2010-03-31 04:39:27, as written by Ryoko Neko
Kenji returned her goodbye and went to investigate his new home for the next year. It was nothing special- one bed, a desk, window.... His things had already been delivered to his room and were sitting in the corner. He dug into his suitcase until he found a pair of pajamas and a few posters and pictures. He changed into his gray pajama pants and white t-shirt and hung the posters on his wall. A flash of lightning caught his eye suddenly. He loved thunderstorms. I'll probably get a better view outside, he thought, already to the door. Quietly, he made his way barefoot through the halls, past the rooms. When he passed the janitor's closet, he heard something inside. Cautiously, he opened the door. "Alice? Is that you? What's wrong?" he sounded worried and concerned.