Souls of Flight

Souls of Flight


Recently, the relatively peaceful world of the Blaze Shield Academy has been rocky. Creatures imprisoned for decades, centuries, have started to stir again. The heads of the school have been working overtime, recruiting new students, any with potential...

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Welcome to the Academy!
Whether or not you grew up knowing that you would one day come here, welcome one and all!!!!! We hope that you are well prepared for the start of your school year, along with your animal partner! Of course, it's okay if you're older than 12 and just discovered that you have one.
Blaze Shield Academy has been accepting students for over two centuries. After discovering that some humans had special qualities and managed to summon, strangely, mythical creatures, the school was formed to help protect them and help prevent troubles from others who either thought they were demonic or wanted to snuff them out at any rate.
When you start to get used to the school, your classes will start after about three or four days.

Getting Around
You'll have dorms based on gender and age. You also have the choice of letting your partner sleep in the custom stables or in the extremely spacial dorm that has been provided for you.
Your schedule will consist of classes, free time, meals, and lights out. We'll have a teacher guide you around on your first day, we wouldn't want you getting lost in the... I'm sorry, never mind.
Your classes will NOT be based on what animal you have. All of the new students usually start at the same magic level, and therefore, you have no need to worry about being isolated. No, you'll be organized more on your magic specialty, like Light, Elemental, Illusion, Conjuration... we also have a weekly game of the students' choice.
Feel free to join clubs! Like, er... the Set Things On Fire club. I'm not sure how that worked out, I should go check on them...

On a more serious note, we must keep our students prepared for any trouble, hence our combat classes. Occasionally, we send our best students on missions to help us learn about our enemies' actions, or to help defeat them.

Toggle Rules

  1. Minimal cursing!!!!!
  2. Don't make your character too powerful, although the strength will be ranged.
  3. Two dragons allowed, and only one Arion.
  4. You have to be from 12 to 19.
  5. Have fun!

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