Spoiled Sweet

Spoiled Sweet


When a rich man needs money to fund his city which helps orphans he goes to other rich people, telling them that his city will make any spoiled brat of a child sugar-sweet.

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Spoiled Sweet

All You Need to Know About Clarum

A City For Brighter Futures


Clarum City was founded by a rich man by the name of Francis Brightman, who owned a assortment of stores. When his jet plane crash landed on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, the only thing he could think about on that island was how far he’d made it from a poor orphan on the street to a billionaire. Luckily his crew was found alive.

Once he was back in America he bought the small island to help kids who are orphaned have a better chance in life. He made the island a paradise with many apartments, stores, restaurants and exciting places to go to. He wanted to make it what he’d always wanted as a child, a safe place to live.

Orphanages all over America would pay him $1000 to send 10 of their most well-behaved (sometimes) children to Clarum, where they’d be given an apartment room, a $100 dollars and a choice of a trade. A trade could be anything from book writing to cooking, you’d get a lesson every weekday after school for two hours and be paid $50 dollars a day for it. With the rigorous academics of Clarum school’s the children would most likely get scholarships to good schools, some even get chosen to be given a scholarship from Mr.Brightman.

Clarum also had security guards and police officers of their own, the police would also teach the police trade. They had well trained teachers who’d also teach the teaching trade and so much more.

Clarum seems to be the best place to go.


The Spoiled to Sweet Program

Francis was getting a little bit low on money for the city, and had a few debts to pay, even the many donations he was getting couldn’t help much. As he was worrying about his debt his young daughter came into the room, talking about the many temper tantrums she’d hear in class of kid’s wanting everything and never listening to their teachers.

Francis then got an idea, he could ask rich people with spoiled children to bring them to Clarum to learn how to survive on their own (or with a dorm-mate) and learn new things in the process. The idea actually worked out and many rich men and women with kids who were spoiled rotten sent their kids to the program, called the Spoiled to Sweet Program.
“For only $5000 a year your spoiled child will become sweet as pudding!”

The rich children were given dorm-mates with children who were known to not take crap easily, the children were tough and strong and knew a lot. The STSP’s participants would be forced to take the military or police trades, some chose the police trades thinking it’d be easier…

They were dead wrong.

Welcome to the Police Trade


It’s like any police academy, just much more longer and much more vigorous. Anyone put into the police trade in Clarum will not have to take any police academy training when signing up to be a police officer.

You learn arrest procedures, investigation techniques, report writing, laws and many other academic like things every Monday and Thursday. You also learn how to work as teams. On Tuesday’s, Wednesday's and Friday’s you do physical, firearms and tactics training. If you are over the age of 16 you may also learn how to drive.

The trade is extremely hard and tiring, but many of the orphans had been through much worse, the rich kids not so much.

Apartment Rooms

Every person of the same trade stays in the same apartment. Each apartment has 10 rooms, at the moment only five are filled in the police trade apartments. Two people stay in a room at a time. Girls and boys are allowed to be in the same apartments together but if the child becomes pregnant the oldest one in the situation is kicked out of Clarum any in some cases arrested. If they are both the same age nothing happens.

Dorm Mates:


Here are the 10 students of the police trade.

The Rich Kids

Character 1I Character Name I Character Face Claim I Thought to be sweet, actually sour. I Age: 14I Not Taken

Character 2I Liam Herondale I Logan Lerman I Flirty and Arrogant I Age: 16 I

Character 3I Character Name I Character Face Claim I They think they’re different and more deep than the other rich kids, actually isn’t.I Age: 15 I Reserved

Character 4I Sammy Lincoln I Rya Newman I Parents don’t love them, forced them to come here. Not stuck up.I Age: 15 I

Character 5I Character Name I Character Face Claim I Wants everything and anything, hates everything and anybody.I Age: 16 I Reserved

The Orphans

Character 6I Eiko Osary Winters I Amy Lee I Arrogant but can back it up. I Age: 16 I

Character 7I Ebony Winifred Baker I Amandla Stenberg I Shy but Witty I Age: 14 I

Character 8I Hikari Takara I Hikari Takara I Tough and Ready for anything.I Age: 15I

Character 9I Ocean Alexandria I Freya Mavor I Hopeless romantic, a sweetheart. I Age: 16I

Character 10I Spencer Gideon I Ulrik Munther I Wise beyond years, very funny I Age: 16 I

Character Sheet

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Toggle Rules

The Rules

No rudeness: Just don’t, unless of course we’re roleplaying! :D
No Godmodding: Of course, but I’m sure we all know not to.
Nothing to R rated: Please keep everything PG-13, and by everything I really mean your romance.
Character Submissions: Reserve first please!
Face Claims: I love anime as much as the next guy but real people pictures only.
Lastly, password: Diversity, which is also something I want everyone to remember. Characters of diverse races, genders and sexuality’s are great so don’t be afraid to make one.

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ebony Winifred Baker Character Portrait: Liam Herondale

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Ebony Winifred Baker

Comfort, it was something Ebony had rarely felt. Life has always been "another hard day" but Clarum was quite relaxing. The beds were nice, the classes were nice, and the other kids there were nice. She didn't have to worry about another whipping or not being fed. School's been open for about a week and she already likes it, but she still hasn't talked much to others. She only speaks to her room mate a few times in the day to say "Good Morning" and "Good Night." All she knows about him (and yes him, for some reason Clarum is quite lenient on who dorms with who) is that he's some rich kid that was taken here for some spoiled rich kid program that makes them "sweet" as the brochure said.

To her the program seemed stupid, if she was a child of a rich family she'd be just as spoiled as them. Why wouldn't she? All the lavish items she'd never had before would be given to her. Sadly she's just an orphan who doesn't have parents to be rich for her, and from her job choice she's most likely not going to be rich, police officers only get paid so much.

She lays on her bed thinking about the many things of Clarum, waiting for 7:00 to hit so she could get ready for school, she couldn't act like she wasn't excited though, it was the first day of the Police Trade.

When she got up she took a shower then put on a frilly white blouse and some jeans and ran out of the house, hoping she didn't disturb anyone.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ocean Alexandrea Character Portrait: Sammy Lincoln

0.00 INK

Clarum was neither a heaven or hell to Sammy. It was luxurious to a point, although her home back in Australia was much better suited to he taste. And while rooming with some orphan with a strange name is something she'd rather avoid, it was a nice change of pace to get away from parents Henry and Shannon.

Yes, her parents whom she hasn't called mom and dad since she was ten had sent her here against her will when she refused to meet anymore suitors. They had hoped sending her here would knock some sense into her. She highly doubted that would happen.

Sighing for the umpteenth time since the sun rose Sammy sat up in her bed. She knew she'd have to get up soon. Classes start at 7:00 and Police Trade started today. That was something she did not look forward to. It seemed pointless to her. Why should she have to learn any of it? Her parents excepted her to marry rich to a husband who'd keep their fishing company large and prosperous. And while she didn't want to do that, this Police Trade made no sense to her parents wants.

Sammy groaned and pulled a pillow over her head. Maybe she just wouldn't get up today. Yes. That seemed nice. She just hoped her roommate would have the good sense to not wake her.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Eiko Osary Winters

0.00 INK

She'd been here for just over a month now, in clarum. She remembered at the orphanage (read: hell-hole) when those damn caretakers would constantly beat them for doing something they didn't like. It wasn't that it was wrong, they just didn't like it. They hated all the orphans at that place, and were only there for the money. They never paid any attention to the kids. Honestly at times Eiko though she could smuggle a live bear in there and they wouldn't even notice. She was finally sent to Clarum, along with a few others in an attempt of the caretakers to get rid of a few kids. Not that she cared.

She actually liked it in Clarum. It was a lot nicer than the orphanage, that's for sure. The month she spent here, she really just relaxed, did some sight seeing and whatnot. But classes were starting soon and she had to prepare. Class had been open for a week now.

Eiko was never one to socialize. She never spoke to anyone unless they spoke to her first. The program she was in forced her to live with some spoiled rich kid, not that she gave a crap about what those brats did anyway. They try to mess with her, they'll quietly learn not to.

Class started soon and she wanted to get their early. She walked out of the dorm in a black t-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket. Yeah, not exactly designer fashion, but she didn't mind. Eiko's appearance usually told people to stay away from her. That's the way she wanted it. Alone in her own world.

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Clarum's Police Trade Apartments

Clarum's Police Trade Apartments by sweetshearts

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Police Trade Building

Police Trade Building by sweetshearts

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