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Meh! Don't hurt me!

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Name- Kagai

Nickname- N/A

S/O: Bisexual

Age- Appears to be 10. He is much, much older.

Grade- Freshman (Should be in College)

Role-Vampire? Noble. Guardian for Azure Valenti.

Gender- Male

Kagai seems to be a shy little boy, afraid of his own shadow, but often pulling pranks. He loves to hide behind people (cough, Azure, cough) whenever he gets in trouble. He often trembles and is a real crybaby. But all of this is a hoax. The real Kagai is a sadistic and vain young man who loves nothing more than setting a butterfly's wings on fire and watching it try to fly. Sort of. He hates everything that he can't entertain him. Mostly. Kagai enjoys cutting things up for the fun of it, yet obsesses over his apearances. He only likes a select few things, and it takes alot to make that change. He is cruel, mean, and hateful if your not on his list, but if you somehow manage to get on it.... You will have the most loyal friend. Kagai will go through hell and back again for you, he'll be selfish and over protective with you. But, if you refuse his friendship, he will either be hearbroken and crawl into a hole to die or Kagai kill you and everything you hold dear. Deep inside, Kagai battles against his darker personality; his compassion for pencils and Azure trying to force their way out. Kagai's heart is held hostage by a deep aching lonliness....

Normal Appearance-
This appearance is a young slightly pudgy boy with luminous azure eyes. Kagai has little to no muscle strength in this form, and is ridiculously slow. However, he seems to always win over the hearts of many people with his little kid act. Image

Vampire Form- Image
Kagai has shortish, dark hair with glowing red eyes. His hair is the super-soft kind that make just want to keep ruffling it. When he uses this form, the only cloths he will wear are his. No exceptions. Kagai is rather tall, with a lean body made hard and scarred over the years.

Likes -

*Pencils. The are superior to every other writing utensil in the universe. End of story.

*The smell when rain hits dusty ground. Kagai swoons when this happens, becoming rather drunk.

*The pain of others.





*Small children

*Happy families

*Wet Paint. Kagai will go into a rage if he comes in contact with it. As in, turning over tables and stabbing people rage.

Dorm Number-

Dorm Room Mate-

Kagai is incapable of taking care of more than one living thing at a time.


Love Interest:
Azure. Azure. AZURE! Kagai is head-over-heals in love. In fact, the reason he hides under human form to the point where everybody thinks it's his real form, is because of her. Kagai figured the she would hate his cruel and perverted self, so he decided to be someone else. But a bit of his love leaks out in the color of his eyes. Azure. Luckily for him, though, nobody knows who he really is.

Favorite Blood Type:
The blood of other vampires. Considering it's not allowed, he just goes with a vague 'Blood. Just... blood.'

Kagai was groomed to be a guardian from a young age, his mentor using cruel and unusual ways of training him. One day when he was lying around somewhere, beaten and bruised, he met Azure. Although he doubts she remembers him, Kagai still holds hope. Kagai's loved her ever since, thanking every god in every religion he could think of when he learned he was to be her guardian.

So begins...

Kagai's Story