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St. Malady's Asylum » Places

Places in St. Malady's Asylum

This is a list of locations that can be found in St. Malady's Asylum.

All Places

The Asylum

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         He smiled. "It's... It's okay." he said, half-laughing. He always tried to help the other patients around him, but this was the first time he had actually helped. His doctor had convinced him to stop, but he felt the old him surge a little inside. "And I don't think you... punched anybody. You were just running around the hall." He paused for a bit. "Why don't I show you around the garden for a bit?"

He loved the garden. It reminded him of his mother's garden. But that one didn't have trees. This one did. And his mother grew some vegetables. They would have pumpkins for Halloween, but the idea of going up to strangers and getting candy terrified him, so he always stayed at home to give out Snickers and Milk Duds. His mom always told him to eat his vegetables.

It made him sad that there were no vegetables in the garden. "They ought to put some spinach--- or carrots, maybe..." he blurted.


Dr Vaughn's Room

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         Luna's lips twisted into a sort of smile as Dr. Vaughn talked, and she leaned back, settling into her chair more comfortably.
"Well, Doctor. That wasn't a question, but I won't insult you by pretending to misunderstand." Her smile broadened, and she closed her eyes briefly, steepling her fingers together under her chin. "Let me see...Where should I start?" She regarded Dr. Vaughn intensely for a moment. "Well, I had a mother, a father, and eventually a step-father and a half-brother. I was an intelligent, if slightly odd, child. Somewhere between there and here things went wrong." Luna paused for a moment, seemingly lost in memory. When she started speaking again, her tone was still flat, sounding slightly bored. "I was admitted to my first institute aged fifteen. Approximately five years later, I was removed temporarily to a prison for the criminally insane, because I attacked and almost killed four members of staff before attempting to escape. Four months ago, I was transferred here. As far as I am aware, doctors have been unable to complete a diagnosis of my condition." The last part came out with a slight sneer. Then she blinked, and seemed to refocus on Dr. Vaughn. "But of course, you already knew most of that."
Luna sat back, watching the doctor with mild interest. She knew from past experience that at first most doctors were confused, or even encouraged by her seeming openness. Of course, they had all realised, eventually. And tried every trick in the book to crack her.
It would be interesting to see which method this one used. Perhaps she would even succeed.
Stranger things have happened.

Doctors Waiting Room Dr Vaughn's Room Owner: RolePlayGateway

Dr Aurora Vaughn's office, where she works and holds appointments with her patients.

Dr Moran's Room

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         "Excellent." She grinned, and then reached forwards and picked Rachel up in one swift movement. "Much easier this way; you look like you're too tired to walk anywhere fast." Luna nodded to Dr. Moran. "I wish I could say that it was nice to see you again."
Dr. Moran said nothing, just raised his eyebrows at her, and went to open the door.
Luna strode out and was away down the hall with Rachel before anything else could be said, appearing to carry the girl with the utmost of ease.

Doctors Waiting Room Dr Moran's Room Owner: RolePlayGateway

Where Dr James Moran holds sessions with his patients.

The Gardens

The Gardens Owner: RolePlayGateway

Large and expansive, the gardens are the only taste of freedom some patients will ever be likely to get.

Patient's Lounge

The Asylum Patient's Lounge Owner: RolePlayGateway

A place where patients are allowed to relax.

Doctors Waiting Room

The Asylum Doctors Waiting Room Owner: RolePlayGateway

Patients may wait here for their sessions with various doctors.