Star WarsThe Holy Galactic Union

"United to restore peace, united to resist tyranny, united under one banner, one emperor, one voice!"

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Faction Name: The Holy Galactic Union (commonly referred to as the Corellian Union)
Leader: Emperor Sigismund I (former diplomat from Corellia to the Galactic Empire)
Government Type: Interplanetary Elective Constitutional Monarchy
History: Growing up as a young Imperial politician, Sigismund dreaded Palpatine's centralized, oppressive government, lack of religious and cultural freedom, racial discrimination, and ruthless war tactics. During the Empire's rise to power, Sigismund began recruiting followers of his vision of a united galactic empire, in which the emperor would have to serve the people. Guided by what he described as a divine force pushing him to create a perfect government, he inspired fanatical devotion and loyalty within his secret circle of politicians. Plans to overthrow Emperor Palpatine were discussed, but his empire fell long before the final arrangements could be made. Sigismund, a native of Corellia, never witnessed first-hand the full cruelty of the Galactic Empire, Corellia remained autonomous during the reign of the Empire. Their massive fleets and powerful ships separated the Corellian Navy from the Imperial Navy. The Corellian Marines are some of the best trained soldiers in ship-to-ship combat. Having played a major role in the founding of the Rebel Alliance, it shamed Corellians to see the Alliance wither after their greatest victory. Sigismund, through powerful politics and military reforms, rose through political ranks in Corellia, eventually passing his constitution to form his Holy Galactic Union, a economic, military, and political union between Corellia, Drall, and Selonia. The leaders of Drall and Selonia were elevated to Prince status, along with Sigismund, with each Prince able to vote for the individual to become Emperor of the Union. The Emperor has influential power but due to the constitution, abuse of his power can result in his or her impeachment from the throne. The people gladly welcomed Sigismund as the First Emperor. Shortly after, the CPA, combined with remnants of the Galactic Empire, began reclaiming Imperial territory within the Core Worlds. Corellia was hit as a major target. Sigismund and his forces were overwhelmed by the CPA's power and forced to withdraw from the planet with whatever military equipment and loyal citizens they could. A large section of the Corellian Royal Fleet remains and is loyal to Sigismund, along with trained soldiers to teach the young how to fight. Emperor Sigismund currently resides on Selonia with the Selonian Prince. The Selonian Naval Academy is currently close to completion along with the massive factory to rival that of the shipyard on Corellia. An uneasy truce was reached with the CPA to avoid total conquest. Emperor Sigismund I, hoping to expand the Union, is currently opening up diplomatic negotiations with the governments of the non-union planets within the Corellian Sector, avoiding the CPA's territories. Considering his new government to be the rebirth of the Republic, The Union currently uses the old Republican insignia. The Emperor currently has no intentions of letting Jedi or Sith meddle with his affairs.
Planets: Tralus, Drall, Selonia. (Has political claims on Corellia).
Planetary Advantages: (The naval tradition and prowess of Corellia provides the Union with the best pilots and ships.
Anything Else: Tendency to avoid diplomatic relations with absolutists. Majority of professionally trained soldiers and pilots are natives of Corellia. The Union has a large army of non-Corellian men and women willing to give their lives for the freedom and sovereignty of their homes. Though they may not have the greatest training or equipment (yet), the Union has some of the fiercest soldiers who fight with a fiery passion till the very end.

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