Star WarsSovan Graan

Through the Darkness we shall walk, so that we may give the light of prosperity to our people

a character in “Star Wars: The Hoth War”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Ever an advocate for pioneering technologies on Hoth, Sovan's armour is a mixture of Mandalorian armour with improvements and adjustments made on Hoth. Looking far more a Sith than his brother, he wears a dark cloak which covers the Mandalorian-Hoth blend of armour beneath. The thick cloak is warm enough for the chilled climate of Hoth, while still allowing him an ideal combination of mobility and protection. Beneath the armour, he looks almost exactly the same as his brother. But where Rasha is fiery, determined and wild, Sovan is the picture of sophisticated intelligence, and cool confidence and cunning. With shorter, more kempt hair than his brother, Sovan uses the mask to seperate himself from the handsome faces the twin monarchs became known for. He needed to create a symbol, something to ignite fear in his enemies where his brothers fiery spirit rallied the men, and his rugged good looks appealed to the young women. When he needs to get across a positive, non-militaristic message, he is usually without his helmet. The Sith name he took up is Darth Craiven. Only he knows what it means.



Sovan carries 3 weapons with him at all times. His crimson red lightsaber, a rifle strapped to his back beneath his cape (which has been enginered so that it can easily swap from sniper rifle to blaster rifle, by swapping out only a few parts) and several grenades of varying type. He is well trained in the use of all of them, and usually uses the force to maximise their efficiency. For example, he can use the force to control and place grenades exactly where he wants them to go off, or to move an enemy's cover if their hiding from his sniper/blaster rifle.


Born a twin, son to the King and Queen of Hoth, Sovan was always expected to share the rule of Hoth with his brother. The planet was heavily divided into different tribes, and of little importance on a galactic scale, and none expected that to ever change. None expected this to change. None expcept for Sovan and Rasha. From a young age they were determined that someday, somehow, Hoth would be great. Sovan was the first of the two to make a move towards that. He discovered in his parents private library a book on the history of conflict between Jedi and Sith. He learnt of the many battle between Light and Dark, and though he had none of the selfish hate that seemed so prevalent throughout the Sith, he saw that the Dark Side was more powerful. The Dark Side, when it reared up against the Light, often overthrew it, gaining power, loosing it only when it consumed itself. He knew that that was where he would be different. He would give himself to the Dark Side, but not to hate/ He would use it to gain power and prestige for his people, not for him. But he knew that his parents would be horrified about his readings, so he kept them to himself. He did not show it to his brother either, fearful that it might corrupt him, willing to risk himself but not his brother. He knew though, that if he used the Dark Side to gain power for his people, the Jedi would be against him. So, he decided to learn how to fight a Jedi. And if there were any that could kill a Jedi without the force, it was a Mandalorian.

Hoth had fairly neutral relations with the Madalorians, neither good nor bad. When the king heard that his son wanted to train to be a great warrior, he was all on board, so he agreed to pay the Mandalorians to train him. He heard that, soon after, his brother had gone to the arenas for similiar training. The payment had been for one year only, but by the end of that year the mandalorians saw Sovan as one of their own, and he was permitted to stay as one of them. His training went very well, and he applied himself with a determination and intensity that the Mandalorians found admirable. He soon made many friends among his fellows training there, including a young Mandalorian by the name of Kyran Maktar. Sovan told Kyran of his belief that the Dark Side could be used as a weapon just the same as a gun or lightsaber. Together, they started to explore into this power. Kyran had already become a contendor with Garza, the Mandalore at the time, for said position. His followers were slowly growing, and Kyran expected that he'd soon be the new Mandalore, at which point he would lead his people in a new direction, using the Dark Side of the force. When Sovan found out that Rasha had returned to Hoth, he rushed back, and put his Mandalorian training to full use. Behind Rasha's back, he continued looking into the Dark Side. When the battle was won, and Hoth united under the banner of the Hoth monarchy, Sovan found that his brother was not the soft boy he used to be. He decided that he would show his brother the path of the Dark Side.

Even though they were the same age, growing up Sovan had always acted like the older brother, but now Rasha was a strong, determined warrior, a powerful man in his own right. Sovan embraced him as his equal and brother, and they ruled Hoth and looked towards it's expansion together. When Sovan brought up the Dark Side, Rasha was all for it. Together they trained, becoming powerful Sith. When news had reached him that Kyran had finally used the Dark Side to become Mandalore, he was ecstatic. These would be their allies, part of a joint empire. With troops like them, he was certian that power of Hoth would be a force to be reckoned with. He quickly established contact and an alliance, making the Mandalorians part of the empire. All those with potential in the force were sent to Hoth, where they were trained to use the Dark Side in tandem with their Mandalorian skills. The Dark Side was kept secret from the public. The brothers knew there was a stigma attached to it, so although they made it know that the Mandalorians were beloved allies, they made no mention of the training as wielders of the Dark Side.

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