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"For you anything."

a character in “Starcraft: Before the Great War”, as played by RolePlayGateway

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Name: Kesic a.k.a Andrew
Age: 25 years after hatching
Gender: Male
Hatch Date:
Preference: Straight
Race: Zerg Hydralisk

Appearance: Image or Image
-Eye Color: Green
-Hair Color: Red and white
-Hair Style: flat and medium length
-Height: 5'9
-Weight:168lbs Or 2 mt
-Other Features: A sliced in half tongue
-Clothes: Green tank top & black and red baggy jeans
-Shoes: Combat boots and leg guards
-Gloves: One red glove and a bandaged hand

Occupation: Queens guard

Likes/dislikes: Will reveal

Strengths: Brute strength, strategics, Textbook knowledge on humans

Weaknesses: Follows the queens every command or will go crazy and attack everything in site like a rabid dog.

Personality: The warrior of the man

History/Background: Will reveal

*Misc: None

Weapon of Choice: Scythe blades for hands

So begins...

Andrew's Story