NemarArchos Adnu

Self-aware NPC, king of Unda

a character in “Stuck in Unreality”, as played by syrafay

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Archos has long, black, straight hair. Like his daughter, Regina, he has the silver eyes attributed to royalty, but his are darker, closer to gray, and when he is angry, they seem almost black. He is a bit older, obviously, because he is old enough to have a child, but he is still and eye-catcher, and because he has no queen, he is the goal of many single older ladies. He has large muscles for an Undan, and he he a bit taller than the average citizen, so when he is with his people, he appears to be very formidable. He mostly wears a black loin-wrap, as is the tradition for male Undans, but on land, he favor a large amount of black clothing and a black cape.
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Archos is very suitable for his position as king, personality-wise. He doesn't have a short temper. He is very patient and very wise, and he can be very intimidating when he needs to be. Archos is also very aware of his position as a CPU. It bothered him a little bit at first, especially when he found out his daughter was a player. Later, he began to care for his daughter as a player just as much as he would if she was a CPU, so he is determined to help her get enough points to leave the game. He is also keeping it a secret for Regina, because he doesn't want her to turn away from him as her father.


Archos' main weapon is a trident, typical of a sea king, but he is proficient at the sword, the knife, and the bow and arrow, though his skill in the bow and arrow isn't even close to Regina's.


Archos had become King of Unda at a very young age, because his parents had been assassinated mysteriously when he was 16. The nobility of Unda had argued against his ability as King, so from the beginning, he had to crack down and induce a bit of fear. It wasn't until he had met Regina's mother that he had ever considered trusting anyone. He married her as soon as he could, and they lived happily together for some time, until, of course, his Queen became pregnant. The news was wonderful. He would have children, and he would have heirs, but when the birth came around and only Regina was born, he dove into his work, trying to forget his dead wife and many dead children. It wasn't until a few months later that a nursemaid approached him with Regina. she had said that even though the King was missing his wife, the little princess was missing her father AND her mother and shouldn't he be ashamed of himself. When Archos looked down at his daughter, she smiled and giggled, and he could see his beloved wife in her smile. From then on, he had doted on Regina, wanting her to know she was loved. It wasn't until she was 18 that he realized he was a CPU, and it was all a lie. Still, after thinking long about it, he realized that even though it was a lie, it was a happy lie, so he would make the most of it. From then on, he was determined to help Regina achieve her goal.

So begins...

Archos Adnu's Story