NemarRegina Adnu

The heir to the throne of Udna

a character in “Stuck in Unreality”, as played by syrafay

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Regina has black, curling hair that reaches her butt. Her eyes are a silver that portray her royalty, and her skin, like a typical Undan is tinted blue. She is very shapely, a little too curvy for her own taste, and she is 5 feet tall. Unlike the typical Undan, she wears flowing clothing that makes it a bit harder to swim but is beautiful in the water. What the public doesn't know besides the beauty is that Regins keeps the typical wrap on underneath. The flowing clothing trains her to be able to swim at the same speed, maybe faster, than most Undans with something inhibiting her. If she takes off the flowing clothing, she is faster than anyone else, but of course, no one knows that but the people closest to her. She is very beautiful, but she is also young and doesn't really see her own beauty.


Regina has the seriousness, grace, and dignity of a ruler, but she also has a playful side she is very cautious to show to others. She, of course, must be the best at almost everything, because as the future ruler, she must excel in order to succeed. Even in her youth, she has always kept this in mind, and in the end, she didn't gain too many friends, because she had to spend a lot of time studying, and she had to keep a royal air about her in public.


Regina wears a choker made of gold with the royal seal in order to distinguish her status. Her main weapon when fighting is a set of bow and arrows that shoot just as well beneath water as they do above water. She is also very good at any other weapon of the sea.


Normally, Undans have many children, due to their fish-like bodies. In the royal family, the heir is decided by having all the children compete for the crown. Unfortunately, Regina's mother became very sick when Regina was born, and she died soon after that. The King loved his Princess just as much as he would have if they had had more children, but Regina had always felt a pressure to be the best, to prove that if any other children had actually been born, she still would have been chosen to be heir. She is very serious about her role as the heir, and the war with the Caelians has caused her to take on even more responsibility. She will become the best Queen in history.

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Regina Adnu's Story